The Oakland Athletics Need Jaff Decker As Their Right Fielder

Jaff Decker

Chris Carlson-Associated Press

Jaff Decker is a 27-year-old Outfielder from Phoenix, Arizona, that you’ve probably never heard of. Decker has a career .190 Batting Average, and has been a consistently below average player for his 5-year playing career.

Matt Joyce is the Oakland Athletics current starting right fielder, and he’s in a major slump right now. Though Joyce is a great player, the Athletics need production in the bottom of the order, especially from the right field position. Well, Decker could be the answer to the Oakland Athletics’ problems.

Decker has surprised everyone and defied the odds this year, batting .400 through 6 games. He has a .438 On-Base Percentage, and is 6 for 15 on the year with 2 walks. Decker is also Slugging .600.

Matt Joyce has primarily been the starting right fielder this year, but he’s batting .150 with a .205 on-base percentage. Joyce is Slugging only .250, which is one of the worst on the Athletics team. In fact, Decker has just as many hits (6) in 15 Plate Appearances as Joyce has in 40 Plate Appearances. Jaff could help provide a quality hitter to the bottom of the Athletics’ lineup.

With Matt Joyce struggling, the Athletics need a reliable option in right field considering they’re a .500 ball club. For the Athletics to win the AL West, the they need all the help they can get considering they are in a division with the Houston Astros, Texas Rangers, Los Angeles Angels, and Texas Rangers. With four competent teams in their division, the Athletics have no room for error.

To sum things up, it’s quite clear that Decker is the better option in right field for the Oakland Athletics. Decker has a better batting average, on-base percentage, and slugging percentage than Matt Joyce.  Decker is a far more reliable hitter, is faster, and is a better team leader. Bob Melvin (Oakland Athletics’ current manager) should see this in Jaff Decker and start him over Matt Joyce.


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