Could Kristaps Porzingis Join Charlotte Hornets?

Kristaps Porzingis

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Recently, there has been plenty of drama about players from the New York Knicks. Ultimately, they haven’t been able to get along with Knicks President Phil Jackson.

One of those players being Kristaps Porzingis.

Porzingis is a 7’3″ power forward from Lavita who was drafted fourth overall by the Knicks in the 2015 NBA Draft. He is now 21 years young and possibly the best power forward in the NBA at the moment.

Porzingis averaged 18.1 points, 7.2 rebounds, and 1.5 assists during the 2016-2017 season. This was his best season so far which was a very good season for a young player.

Now, the reasoning behind Porzingis’ frustration with the Knicks and Phil Jackson is that they are going in the wrong direction and the team is not looking like they are changing currently. Porzingis “blew off” his exit meeting after their season was over.

The 21 year old would be a great addition to the Charlotte Hornets, as the Hornets are looking for great young talent. Because Porzingis is one of the Knicks star players the Hornets would have to give up a lot.

The best offer for both teams would be that the Knicks give up Porzingis, and the Hornets would have to trade Frank Kaminsky, Trevor Graham, and two first round picks. This trade would be better for the Hornets at the moment but could potentially give the Knicks multiple future stars.

There is a chance Porzingis could still stay with the Knicks for a while even if the direction of the team does not change. Although he is frustrated, Porzingis said that he still wants to stay with the team aside from the rumors of him leaving. Many people in New York would hate to see Porzingis leave the Knicks but, many people in Charlotte would love to have him. But, next season Kristaps Porzingis could be wearing purple, teal, and white.



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