Isaiah Thomas Will Attract Big Time Players To Boston

Isaiah Thomas

Maddie Meyer-Getty Images

Isaiah Thomas has had quite a tumultuous season, finishing 3rd in scoring and leading the Boston Celtics to the first overall seed in the Eastern Conference. He took his game from a good season last year to jumping up into MVP consideration, and it did not go unnoticed.

After standing PAT at the trade deadline the Celtics were going into the playoffs looking great, and like a very attractive destination for any free agent. The day before the Celtics tipped off with the Bulls in round 1, tragedy struck as Isaiah Thomas’ younger sister Chyna tragically passed away. Many wondered how it would affect his play, or if he would even play at all.

After being down 0-2 to the Bulls, many were critical of the Celtics play, and expected another early round exit. Then, something magical happened. The whole NBA got behind Isaiah and suddenly found the Celtics steaming at the Bulls, winning four straight to take the series. Now in a series against a challenging Wizards team, Isaiah has shown his dominance even more, dedicating a recent 53-point scoring performance and Celtics victory to his late sister Chyna to take a 2-0 series lead.

Whether the Celtics win this series or not, the NBA is on Isaiah notice right now, seeing just how dominant the little guy can be. There is a lot to be said about how competitive the Celtics can be, and impending NBA free agents are taking notice.

With a bevy of assets, and big names like: Blake Griffin, Gordon Hayward, Paul George, and Jimmy Butler in talks of being on the move, another superstar could be headed to Boston in the coming months. For the record, Isaiah’s 53-point contest solidified himself as a superstar.

Many have been critical of Isaiah all season, saying how Boston would have to move him this off-season with his impending big payday. After these past few weeks there’s no question that’s out of the picture, Boston is all in on IT. With the Brooklyn picks and young players that are very movable, the Celtics will be making a big splash this summer to get another superstar to compliment Isaiah.

There are an infinite amount of trade packages the Celtics can offer another team, so it’s unfair to count out anybody from being on this team next year. A player like Griffin or Hayward would be great additions to the team, although Griffin’s injury history may diminish Ainge’s interest in signing him.

Boston is here to compete now, and will be here to compete for years to come. Boston’s future is bright, and Isaiah is leading the surge toward banner number 18 to leave a lasting legacy in the city that saw in him what nobody else did, heart.


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