Fans Create Conspiracy Theory Regarding Swap Of Morris Twins

Markieff Morris Marcus Morris

Rob Carr/Getty Images

After exiting Game 1 with what appeared to be a nasty ankle injury, Wizards fans had some concerns over big man Markieff Morris and the current playoff series against the Boston Celtics. It’s never good to have a starter go down with an injury, and especially not in the second round of the playoffs.

Washington had to be thinking about how to fill the big man’s role in Game 2, and some fans even began to ridicule Celtics center, Al Horford for injuring Morris on a “dirty closeout”. Al Horford had been involved in a similar play in the past, also against the Wizards, that caused an injury to Wizards guard Bradley Beal. Nevertheless, Morris was not expected to play, and the Wiz had to figure something out fast.

This was only the beginning of the controversy in the situation. When it was announced that Markieff was definitely playing in game 2, some NBA conspiracy theorists began to become skeptical due to the nature of his injury. It appeared that Markieff had rolled his ankle pretty good, and everyone who has injured their ankle before, knows that injury is nothing to take light of.

Markieff Morris and his identical twin brother, Marcus Morris of the Detroit Pistons, are hard to tell apart in the first place, but it becomes even more difficult when factoring in that they both have the exact same tattoos. If don’t believe this, see for yourself here:

Even more evidence for this theory, the twins have pulled similar stunts in the past. They admitted previously that one time they switched jerseys during an AAU game, in order to fool the referee. Seems a little fishy, however, when you stop and begin to think about what is being presented here, it looks a little far-fetched.

Surely the Morris twins know the difference between AAU ball, and NBA basketball. They know the scale of these two branches of basketball, and while it may be a fun trick to play in lower leagues, they most likely are not stupid enough to actually attempt this in the NBA. If found out to be true, the Wizards franchise, and all the involved players, could be fined and/or suspended.

With the severity of the current playoff series, the Wizards will be taking no chances on losing any players due to silly stunts. This just isn’t likely to be pulled off. Is it possible? Well, yes. Is it probable? No, most definitely not.

It is easy to see how some may start to wonder about the Morris twins subbing in and out for each other. After all, having someone that looks the same, has all the same markings, the same height, the same play style and the same last name, it would be tempting to see what a team could get away with. However, when you take a step back and assess the situation, it doesn’t appear that any NBA franchise would let this slip in even a regular season game, let alone a playoff game.

It is most likely that the injury we saw was not as bad as it looked. Seeing is not always believing, and this appears to be the case here as well. It is fun to think about these things; it’s part of what makes sports interesting.

Sports are not always just sports, there is always what-ifs and talk of curses on certain teams, however the NBA playoffs are no time for these things to be present. NBA playoff basketball is about the grit and the grind of two teams going at each other, and seeing who ends up on top.

Washington and Boston will go at it again Thursday night in a pivotal, must-win game 3 for the Wizards at home. Washington will be taking no chances from here on out in hopes of fighting their way back in to the series.  The Wizards organization and the Morris twins surely are smarter than this, right?


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