Jay Cutler Hangs Up Cleats And Joins Fox Television Booth

Jay Cutler

Armando L. Sanchez-Chicago Tribune

At this time yesterday news broke that former Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler had been interviewing with Fox, pursuing an alternate career in the television booth. Today, the world received confirmation of this from Fox Sports sideline reporter Peter Schrager:

Tony Romo making this move makes sense due to his age, but Cutler was expected to land a job somewhere considering how much he has left in the tank. Cutler must have received contract offers from lower-tier teams at least. In a league where quarterbacks are at such a premium, it seems highly unlikely teams like the Jets, Texans, or numerous other teams (for a back-up role) were not interested in a talented player like Cutler.

This leads to the conclusion that Cutler was simply no longer interested in playing football. The past few seasons, he’s been on a downward spiral and has showed little leadership. His production has dipped, he’s continued to turn the ball over, and in turn the Bears have struggled mightily.

Cutler has been repeatedly called out in sports media, and he may have just become fed up. Injuries and age could have played a factor, but what’s the motivation to go play more meaningless football for losing teams while being blamed for the struggles?

Jay Cutler has earned over 112 million dollars during his career. He is certainly financially successful enough to retire and live the rest of his life productively. He has the talent and prestige to find a job in this league right now, albeit it may have to be a back-up position. What it boils down to is motivation, and for Cutler, this seems to be gone and has been for a few seasons.

This was a smart move on Cutler’s part. He sets his post-football career as nicely as an athlete can hope for, replacing 49ers GM John Lynch in the booth. Here he’ll join the tandem of Kevin Burkhardt and Charles Davis, and play the color commentator role.


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