Answer At Quarterback For Jacksonville Is Already On Roster

Brandon Allen

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars have been held down by poor quarterback play, among other things, for a very long time. Now that they have legitimate playmakers on offense and a potentially elite defense, the only thing really holding them back is a quality passer. They have a more than capable one of the current roster, it just isn’t Blake Bortles.

Brandon Allen, Jacksonville’s 6th round pick in 2016 out of Arkansas, can start and produce at a high level for this team. Most people wouldn’t give a 6th round pick buried on the depth chart any consideration, but we’ve seen a 6th round quarterback climb to the top of the depth chart and excel in the past.

Not a lot of quarterbacks in the NFL are as accurate as Brandon Allen. Watch any game he played at Arkansas and he’ll make tight window passes and consistently put his receivers in position to run after the catch. That accuracy and a deceptively strong arm allow him to make throws into very tight coverage, to all levels of the field.

Look at the accuracy and arm strength as well as the quick release that he displays on the first two plays of the video below. It doesn’t automatically make him an elite quarterback, but the number of NFL quarterbacks with this pure passing ability is probably in single digits.

Allen isn’t a sitting duck in the pocket either. He has a good feel for the rush as well as excellent mobility. His ability to pick up yards with his feet and buy time by scrambling is reminiscent of Aaron Rodgers, though he doesn’t quite have his uncanny elusiveness.

The only thing that one can imagine is keeping Allen out of consideration for the starting spot is his size, as he is only 6’1. Keeping him on the bench would be beyond foolish if this is the only reason. We have seen many undersized quarterbacks excel in this league. If the Jaguars can look past his size and his low draft slot, and decide to start him over Blake Bortles, they very well may have their answer at quarterback.


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