What Is New England’s Endgame With Jimmy Garoppolo?

Jimmy Garoppolo Tom Brady

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Jimmy Garoppolo is going into a contract year with the New England Patriots. He will be in high demand next year and will be offered huge money from at least a few teams. He’s also playing behind a forty-year-old Tom Brady, who is playing As though he’s in his prime, making an extension with the Patriots a very unappealing option for Jimmy G.

The Patriots were reportedly offered the 12th overall pick and a second rounder this year for the young signal caller. The twelfth pick in this year’s draft got the Browns Houston’s 25th pick this year and their first pick next year. Essentially, Bill Belichick passed up a chance to turn the 62nd pick in 2014 into two first round picks, which has to leave people wondering what his plan is with the talented backup.

Bill Belichick routinely makes other coaches, general managers, and executives look not just inferior, but as though they don’t even belong in the same league as him. He’s done it once again this spring. So it would be shocking to see Belichick end up looking like a donkey when this Garoppolo situation is settled by next March.

If Belichick lets him go and passed up multiple first round picks just to have a high-quality backup for one more year, he very well make look foolish for the first time in a while. If the Pats try to trade Garoppolo at the deadline, his value will be down significantly from what it was during the draft. It will be almost impossible to re-sign him, as Garoppolo will be hard pressed to pass up an opportunity to be the top quarterback on a team’s depth chart for the first time since 2013, when he was at Eastern Illinois.

Unless Tom Brady is secretly planning to retire before he turns 60, New England’s best option with Garoppolo is likely the franchise tag. It’s difficult to imagine a situation where Garoppolo signs a contract, which would make him a backup until he approaches thirty. For the Patriots to keep Jimmy in their future plans, they will likely have to apply the franchise tag on Garoppolo multiple times, like they did with Wes Welker.

If Jimmy Garoppolo is willing to sit and wait until his prime years just to start, then New England’s situation at quarterback will be enviable for what looks like another decade. If he wants to play now and won’t accept any other option, the Patriots may have to go with the costly franchise tag until Brady’s work is finished. Anything else, and we’ll look back at this saying, ‘What was Belichick thinking?’, something none of us are used to.


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