Knicks-Porzingis Drama Update: Porzingis To Clippers?

Kristaps Porzingis

Brad Penner-USA Today Sports

In a tweet that has recently been deleted, Kristaps Porzingis posted a cryptic message turning twitter into a frenzy. In this tweet, Kristaps writes: “LA Clippers.”

The young star has shown frustration, especially as of late, and has started to voice his frustration with his organization. He made it vocal throughout the year that he wants to win and the New York Knicks have done everything but that since the Latvian was drafted.

Multiple sources have confirmed that Porzingis skipped his exit interview with Phil Jackson after the conclusion of the season. ESPN reporter Ian Begley stated that this was “due to frustration over what he perceives as the dysfunction and drama surrounding the organization.”

Porzingis publicly denied this, stating that he was returning to his home country of Latvia days before the meeting was scheduled. This in itself caused a problem for the Knicks.

Not only did Porzingis decide to return home before his exit meeting, but he did so to play for the Latvian national team at EuroBasket. The Knicks preferred Kristaps to stay in New York this summer to add weight and work on his game with the team. He decided against it, and will play in defiance of their wishes.

All this has come full circle, reportedly causing teams to inquire about the availability of the Knicks young star. According to Ian Begley, “several teams” called, but doubts any substance as of yet.

If the Knicks are to trade Porzingis, it will only be for a huge return. He’s only 21 years old and has had two tremendous years. He’s a promising talent who can be a franchise player.

The Los Angeles Clippers being the team referenced in his tweet is interesting. They do not have many assets to play with if they did want to pursue Porzingis. They have an abundance of veterans, but no young talent or valuable draft picks, keys to a blockbuster.

The Clippers, after another disappointing early playoff exit, may want to blow up the roster and start fresh. Blake Griffin is an unrestricted free agent this off-season and could be used in a sign-and-trade. It really does not make sense for either party to go after one another.

Regardless, this seems to be only the beginning of the Porzingis drama. If the Knicks want to improve they need to be able to keep their young talent happy, and thus far that has not been the case.


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