2017 Draft Lottery Will Decide Los Angeles Lakers’ Future

Los Angeles Lakers

Andrew D. Bernstein-Getty Images

May 16th will be a day that will be remembered forever in the history books for the Los Angeles Lakers. The basketball gods will either reward the Lakers in the Draft lottery, or it will snatch the souls away from them and the past four years of losing will all be for nothing. Plain and simple, below is what is at stake.

The Los Angeles Lakers need their ping pong ball to be selected within the top 3 picks. If they do that, they get to keep this year’s pick, as well as the first round pick in 2019. If the Lakers happen to fall out the top 3, they lose it to the Philadelphia 76ers and they lose the 2019 first round pick to the Orlando Magic.

The Lakers have made it pretty clear who they want to take if they get to keep their pick and if he’s available to draft at the time.

Lonzo Ball would make an immediate impact on the Lakers roster if they are able to draft him. He showed a tremendous upside while playing at UCLA last year with his ability to push the tempo, pass the ball and knock down the open 3. Pair him up with D’Angelo Russell in the backcourt, and that pairing could have Lakers Nation dreaming of NBA titles in the future.

Another possibility for the Lakers would be trading this year’s pick away and some of the young talent on the roster for a more established star in the league.

Trading for Paul George now would immediately add more wins to the purple and gold. Although many fans are skeptical about trading for him now since he has made it clear he wants to be a Laker the next time he hits free agency.

However, if the Lakers lose their pick, they miss out on two big assets going forward. With a team that doesn’t have a lot of salary cap space due to the signings of Luol Deng and Mozgov, the future would look very dark in Lakers land.

May 16th will be one of the most important days in Lakers history in recent years. Hopefully the Lakers will receive some good karma from David Stern’s “basketball reasons” fiasco. Wherever you happen to be during the lottery, send your well wishes and good lucks to all of us Lakers fans, we will need it.


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