Will The Warriors Sweep The Spurs?

Steph Curry Kawhi Leonard

Ben Margot-AP Photo

The Golden State Warriors have not lost yet in the 2017 NBA Playoffs. Yes, you read that correctly: the Warriors have not lost.  These are the two best teams in the NBA, as the Warriors finished with a record of 67-15, and the San Antonio Spurs finished at 61-21.  The Warriors are the clear favorite in this series, even though the Spurs won the season series 2-1. Let’s take a look at the individual matchups for this series.

Point Guard

Stephen Curry (GSW) vs. Patrick Mills (SAS)

This is clearly a mismatch in favor of the Warriors, and that’s the easiest way to put it. Curry is a two-time MVP and Mills is an average player. Curry should have his way on the offensive end throughout the series, as Mills isn’t a great defender. Mills can provide some scoring on the offensive end for San Antonio, but shouldn’t be too much of a concern to the Warriors.

Advantage: Golden State Warriors

Shooting Guard

Klay Thompson (GSW) vs. Danny Green (SAS)

Thompson and Green play similar roles on their respective teams. They are both excellent shooters, and play great defense. Klay Thompson is a much better all around scorer, and defender than Green, so the Warriors have the upper hand in this matchup.

Advantage ~ Golden State Warriors

Small Forward

Kevin Durant (GSW) vs. Kawhi Leonard (SAS)

This is a very intriguing matchup. Leonard is an excellent defender, and tends to carry the load for San Antonio on offense. Leonard might have a difficult time doing that in this series, as he’s guarding arguably the most versatile scorer in the NBA. Kevin Durant will have a difficult time guarding Leonard on the defensive end. The upper hand goes to the Spurs here, as Kawhi carries his team on both ends, which is something Durant doesn’t do.

Advantage ~ San Antonio Spurs

Power Forward

Draymond Green (GSW) vs. LaMarcus Aldridge (SAS)

Draymond Green does it all for the Golden State Warriors. Green protects the rim, can guard all five positions, is an excellent playmaker, and can score from the inside and the outside. Aldridge has a sweet mid-range touch, and can play the pick and pop, but is a lackluster defender, and a subpar rebounder.

Advantage ~ Golden State Warriors


ZaZa Pachulia (GSW) vs. Pau Gasol (SAS)

Pachulia isn’t a huge piece of the Warriors success, but he knows his role. Pachulia provides a quality rebounder for the Warriors in the starting five. Gasol has a similar role, rebounding and an occasional mid-range jumper. Gasol is a better, more experienced player than Pachulia, giving  the Spurs the upper hand in this matchup.

Advantage ~ San Antonio Spurs


The Golden State Warriors have one of the best benches in the NBA, and there’s no denying that. Led by Shaun Livingston, Andre Iguodala, and JaVale McGee, the Warriors have multiple players that could start on other NBA teams coming off the bench. The Spurs also have a good bench, but Tony Parker is injured, forcing the Spurs to rely on rookie Dejounte Murray to play major minutes.

With Parker’s injury, Mills is forced the start. Mills was the key to the Spurs’ bench success, so with him starting, their bench weakens. The advantage in the bench matchup goes to the Warriors.

Advantage ~ Golden State Warriors

In conclusion, the Warriors have the advantage in most of the matchups in this series. Most analysts and pendants have the Warriors defeating the Spurs in five or six games, but, I think it will be a sweep.

The Warriors have distinct advantages in the backcourt, allowing Curry and Thompson to have their way on offense. Aldridge will have a difficult time guarding Draymond Green as he’s not very agile and lacks quickness. With Aldridge guarding Green, it creates some open looks for the Warriors.

Prediction ~ Warriors in 4


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