Beginning The Most Important Week In Recent Years For The Boston Celtics

In case you haven’t been paying attention, this week has a few big headlines for the Boston Celtics. Monday is Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals at the TD Garden against the Washington Wizards in a series where their rivalry is heating up. Tuesday night brings Celtics fans the long awaited NBA Lottery, where the Celtics hold the Brooklyn Nets’ coveted number one lottery pick odds. If the Celtics win Monday against the Wizards, Wednesday night would bring them to Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals (ECF) at home against the cruising Cleveland Cavaliers.

With all of the excitement around these events, there’s a clear best case scenario that every Celtics fan has been praying for. Best case is as follows: win game 7, win the the number one pick, and make a competitive series against the Cavaliers proving they can compete. Running through the best case, it’s important to recognize the potential impact, which ultimately makes Boston a bigger and better free agent market.

If the Celtics have a highly valued number one pick to potentially trade, they may be able to attract a big market free agent, with the flexibility to make a trade for another big name. The problem is that teams keep low-balling them with offers recognizing how many assets they have, but that won’t let “trader” Danny Ainge to be taken advantage of. The combined outcome of Monday and Tuesday night, in addition to the potential competitiveness if they make the ECF will provide an interesting summer to monitor for the Celtics.

Here’s the thing about the Celtics’ worst case scenario this week, it’s not so bad. If they lose game 7 against Washington it’s safe to say they competed just as hard and got as far as any reasonable Celtics fan could have imagined. Tuesday, if that Nets pick falls to number 4, surely every fan in Boston will be furious and calling out the NBA for colluding against them. The reality of the situation is still not so bad. If you break it down, the Celtics were just the number one seed in the Eastern Conference and would still hold a number 4 pick in the NBA draft.

With the many different paths the next few days could bring for the Celtics, it is important to look at the the potential impact of any of the days swaying in favor of the Celtics as each day this week will have a massive impact on their future. For Celtics fans, just remember to keep calm, take it one day at a time, and put the position of the team into perspective because the future is bright regardless.


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