Von Miller Is The Best Defensive Player In The NFL

Von Miller

Dustin Bradford-Getty Images

There are three things certain in life: death, taxes, and Von Miller getting to your quarterback. Miller causes offensive coordinator’s nightmares throughout the week and causes quarterbacks to shake in their cleats. Miller’s athleticism combined with his tremendous technique once engaged with the offensive tackle makes him superior than all other pass rushers.

Once Von Miller is able to get to your quarterback, the trouble does not end there. He is known for being able to get the strip sack, and he is also able to do it on the biggest stage, which is what separates him from all other defensive players in the league. No offense to the likes of JJ Watt or Khalil Mack, but they have not come close to the kind of run that Von Miller had in the 2015 NFL playoffs.

The 2015 playoffs are when Miller emerged as the man. He had 5 sacks, 2 forced fumbles and an interception. All of the turnovers that Miller created turned into a touchdown, one of which Malik Jackson scooped up in the Super Bowl, a turning point in the game. Miller repeatedly made Tom Brady and Cam Newton look foolish. Keep in mind that the Carolina Panthers and New England Patriots were in the top 3 for total points scored that year and the Von Miller led defense held them both to under 20 points.

Von Miller has been constantly near the top in sacks per year since entering the league. This is a testament to his high motor and also him wanting to prove the voters for the Defensive Player of the Year wrong for always looking past him. Miller had 13.5 sacks in 2016, and according to him this was an off year. Look for the Vonster to wreak havoc in your backfield in 2017 and show that he deserved the DPOY last year over Khalil Mack, who only finished a vote ahead of him.

Besides Von Miller’s knack for sacking the quarterback, he’s also decent at covering opposing tight ends and running backs when asked upon. His speed allows him to close on routes that enter the flat. This allows Miller to stay in the game during since some pass rushers are only able to get to the quarterback and not drop back into coverage.

Miller is vastly underrated in his ability to stop the run game. Not only did Miller have more sacks than Mack did in 2016, he also had more tackles (78 to 73) than him as well. Miller’s ability to get so far into the backfield effects the flow of the game on so many levels. Miller will either get to the running back first, or he will cause the running back to cut back into the middle of the field and Derek Wolfe will gobble him up.

His ability to get to your quarterback in 2 seconds also causes the opposing quarterback to throw the ball before he wants to. That is a dangerous situation when you take into account that the Denver Broncos have the No Fly Zone in the secondary. Aqib Talib and Chris Harris Jr. are the two major beneficiaries of this and it is why they are able to play press coverage and jump on quick routes since they know the quarterback has to get rid of it.

While he may be considered to just be a pass rusher by some, his skill-set is not matched by any other front seven players in the game today. Miller is a delight to watch on the field and he always comes up clutch in crunch time. Look for Von Miller to come out of the gate firing in 2017 with a revamped front seven that John Elway built around him solving many of the interior problems. Also, he can do this.


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