Red Sox Ace David Price Continues To Rehab With Return In Sight

David Price

Maddie Meyer-Getty Images

Red Sox Nation waits, some with angst, some with cheer and lastly, and others waiting for David Price to fail so they can say “I told you so.”

Fans should be looking at his possible return as an opportunity to finally see what a rotation will look like with Cy Young winner Rick Porcello, the newly acquired Chris Sale, the young Eduardo Rodriquez, along with whomever they can find to fill the five spot (currently Drew Pomeranz).

The AL East is still an easily won division that is available for the taking, if a team chooses to step up and take it. The Boston Red Sox can be that team. The Sox in Red currently sit 3rd in the East, four games back of the rivaled New York Yankees.


Price’s imminent return could not come at a better time for those cheering on the Sox. Also, the acquisition of Sale will take pressure off Price in the two spot, allowing him to relax and do what he does best.

Price has pitched two rehab simulated starts with another scheduled Friday, throwing 75 pitches in his last outing and another one coming Friday. The starts were supposed to be live, but due to rain-outs for The Pawtucket Red Sox (Boston’s Triple-A affiliate), they were forced to simulate.

Despite the potential for surgery, as far as Price is concerned, he is feeling good. What does this mean? As a follower of many of Red Sox Nation’s faithful, it isn’t hard to find varying opinions on Price. It seems to many fans Price has never wanted to pitch in Boston.

It seems as though money is a far larger determining factor of David’s decisions rather than his actual desires, or at least that is how it appears to some. Not to mention that although last year wasn’t bad, it also wasn’t what anyone wants from their go-to starter who has signed a 219-million-dollar contract.

Price has even taken to twitter to express his displeasure with some Sox fans.

He has also said in a post-game interview regarding last season, covered by The Score, “It’s been terrible,” “No fun. It’s awful,” so an opt-out is there and is an option he has the choice to use.

The question remains about the severity of his injury and what that truly means about the possibility of deciding to opt for surgery. If Price decided to wait until mid-season to have it, that would put him out for the rest of this year and next season, then he has his option to leave town.

This may all just be speculation and will almost definitely go away with a ring ceremony next spring. As the saying goes, winning heals all wounds.


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