Breaking Down The Drew Pomeranz Trade To Nearly A Year Later

Drew Pomeranz

Patrick Semansky-AP Photo

On July 15th, 2016 the Boston Red Sox traded 18-year-old top prospect, pitcher Anderson Espinoza, to the San Diego Padres in exchange for left handed National League All-Star pitcher Drew Pomeranz. The trade seemed to work out for both sides initially. The Red Sox were adding depth to their rotation while the Padres were adding a highly talented prospect that drew comparisons to a young Pedro Martinez. Now that there has been time to view both sides, let’s compare how both sides are now doing almost a year later.

Drew Pomeranz time in Boston has not been the greatest thus far. He is 3-3 with a 4.97 era, so it could be a lot worse. His other statistics this season however do not help his case in the slightest.

Pomeranz has made eight starts so far this season. Out of those eight starts, he has only gone six innings twice and has never made it past the seventh inning. This showed during his last against the Athletics where he only threw 4 innings, threw 97 pitches in those 4 innings, while giving up five hits, two runs, one earned, two walks, and six strikeouts.

Though the numbers this game weren’t all bad, the number of pitches over the course of 4 innings is extremely alarming. It has even gotten to a point where some fans and analysts are questioning whether his role should be changed.

Now that Pomeranz has been looked at, let’s take a detailed look at Anderson Espinoza’s career.

As far as the 2017 season goes, Espinoza has not made a start this year for the Padres organization. He has been sidelined all season with forearm tightness. He started a throwing program last month and the Padres are hopeful that Espinoza will be able to pitch for them at some point this month.

Some people think this trade ended up being a wash. The Red Sox received a pitcher who was better suited to compete in the National League. The Padres received a big-time prospect who has yet to show the organization why they traded an All-Star for him. There are definitely people who would want the trade revoked if the two clubs had to do it all over again.


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