All Aboard The Towson Tigers Bandwagon

photo: Tim Flynn

Photo: Tim Flynn

Few times a year people turn on their televisions to find lacrosse on a main stream channel, often immediately changing it. Well now is the time to put that remote down and pay attention because the Towson University Tigers Men’s lacrosse team is making a Cinderella story run at the national title. As the #11 seed in a 16-team tourney, Towson seems to be dominant, knocking off unlikely opponents so far in #6 Penn St. University and #2 Syracuse University.

Towson is set to face #3 Ohio St. University Saturday in the national semifinal to play the winner of Denver University vs. University of Maryland on Monday in the National Championship. Towson is led by Senior Joe Seider who in the two games against Penn St. and Syracuse has scored a total 8 goals alongside 2 assists. While their offense has been extremely productive, their defense is aggressive and can lock down opponents when put under pressure.

With no big sporting events going on this weekend, there honestly can’t be a better way to spend a Saturday than rooting for an underdog in a sport that’s televised a handful of times a year. Well there might be, but take the opportunity to give attention to a sport that deserves some more viewers. Lacrosse is one of the ultimate spectator sports. Hitting, quick scoring, and lots of passing combines the best elements of soccer and hockey.

Towson seems to mend together when they step on the field and its quite the spectacle to watch. In their round one victory against Penn St., Towson scored 4 consecutive goals to cap off a 12-8 victory. Towson players didn’t just lock on offensively but their defense was fantastic, never sitting back. Senior Matt Hoy has been locking down the goal racking up a combined 21 saves this tourney as he and Seider look to guide this Towson team on one final run before their collegiate career’s come to a close.

Facing an explosive Ohio St. team, Towson finds themselves one game away from playing for the National Championship. If they can hold off the buckeyes it will be the first time they’ve made it that far since 1991 when they lost to powerhouse University of North Carolina. With many people loving a good underdog story let’s just hope these Towson Tigers can pull a few more tricks out of their sleeve to deliver what this sport needs.


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