What Martavis Bryant’s Returns Brings to Pittsburgh in 2017

Martavis Bryant

Andy Lyons-Getty Images

Martavis Bryant brings a lot to the table for the Pittsburgh Steelers. No one has ever questioned that, as he is a freak of nature. A 6’5 speed demon rumored to have ran a 4.27 40-yard-dash over the offseason, he is a lot for defenses to handle. His only problem has been staying on the field. 2017 is looking like the first year he will actually start the year on the team, as he is typically suspended or not ready to play by this team. Bryant claims that this year will be different from the rest.

Bryant has all of the potential in the world, and could possibly end up better than teammate Antonio Brown if he takes advantage of it. He has even been able to produce when he is without pro-bowler Antonio Brown on the other side of the field. In the AFC divisional game in 2015, Martavis caught 9 passes for 154 yards, and had 2 runs for 40 yards. This game was the last time any of us saw Martavis Bryant, and he put on a show for us, despite a loss.

Everybody knows what he did in the past was great, but what will he bring to the Steelers in 2017? Bryant should be the number 2 guy, opposite of Antonio Brown. Expect him to put up a career high in yards and touchdowns if he plays the full year. Bryant spent a lot of last year in the weight room, getting bigger for next year. Previously, he stated that he would never go train, just show up on Sunday’s and play. A stronger, and faster Martavis Bryant is going to be way too much for NFL defenses to handle.

Martavis has always been a huge red zone threat for the Steelers, and that should remain the same. Any time Pittsburgh gets into scoring position, the defense will have to focus on the 6’5 freak, which will open up the field for other receivers and star back Le’Veon Bell. Bryant has made tremendous red zone catches over the years, the most notable being the one against Cincinnati in the playoffs.

Possibly even better than his red-zone scoring ability, is how dangerous he is in space. As previously stated, he ran an unofficial 4.27 40-yard-dash not long ago, and that puts his among the fastest in the league. Pittsburgh needs to try and get Bryant the ball every way possible. From throwing receiver screens, running end-arounds and sweeps, or just throwing slants to him, you have to find a way to let him make a play. Once Bryant gets the ball, he is looking to score, and it’s very hard to stop him.

Bryant has also run his fair share of streaks for the Steelers. There is no corner in the league faster than him, so Pittsburgh should continue to let him streak down the field every so often. The end result of these plays can be amazing sometimes.

Martavis can do so many things on the field, that he gives Pittsburgh something they didn’t have all of last year. He has the ability to make plays that no one else can in the league. Bryant should have an amazing year for the Steelers, and be a huge asset for a team looking to contend for the Super Bowl. Have fun, opposing defensive coordinators, because the Pittsburgh Steelers have a freak on the offensive side on the ball no one on your team can cover.


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