Could Josh Jackson Fall To The Phoenix Suns At Pick Number Four?


Josh Jackson

Andy Lyons-Getty Images

After watching the Phoenix Suns this past season it is obvious they need to beef up their defense with a wing defender. Selecting fourth in the NBA draft with many options to choose from, Phoenix has an opportunity to get a franchise changing player. Welcome in Josh Jackson, a six-foot eight small forward from the Kansas Jayhawks. He gives the Suns exactly what they’re looking for: a lengthy, athletic defender who could line up perfectly next to Devin Booker. It is not a surprise the Suns struggle with defense, boasting four of the top 14 youngest players in the NBA. According to multiple teams they believe Josh Jackson has the highest upside of any player in the upcoming draft.

Josh Jackson has the versatility to guard multiple positions and make a huge difference for a young Suns team who currently have four of the top 14 youngest players in the NBA. Those players include Dragan Bender (19), Marquese Chriss (19), Derrick Jones JR. (20) and Devin Booker (20). That had a large part to do with the Suns allowing opposing teams to shoot 38.2% from downtown during the 2016-2017 season, good for dead last in the NBA. Jackson was successful as an on-ball defender which is needed with teams spreading the floor so often. Below showcases his defense.

The Suns find themselves much lower in the draft than what was expected. According to Spark Sports, the odds of Phoenix coveting a top three pick was more than likely.

That leaves the door wide open for teams like the Boston Celtics, Los Angeles Lakers and the Philadelphia 76ers to swipe Jackson away from Phoenix if they view him as their top prospect. According to the latest source it looks like the 76ers may go in a different direction and draft a guard.

It poses a question whether the Suns should trade up in the draft. Phoenix might be better off not trading up because how much draft picks are valued and how deep this draft class is. But if they have a sense Philly is looking to draft Jackson there are enough assets to make the trade go through to get their guy. Regardless who the Suns select they will add another young piece to a core that could be very special in the next couple years.


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