Drew Pomeranz Could Be Crucial to Red Sox Success

Drew Pomeranz

Ted S. Warren-AP Photo

After some tough starts to the 2017 season, Boston Red Sox pitcher Drew Pomeranz seems to have hit his stride. Pomeranz had his best start of the season Wednesday night against the Chicago White Sox. He finished the night with seven innings pitched, giving up seven hits, one run while striking out eight.

With a few good starts in a row behind him, here are a few reasons why Drew Pomeranz success will be crucial to the Red Sox success moving forward.

1. He gives the Red Sox a dependable fifth starter.

The biggest question for the Red Sox has been their lack of depth at the fifth starter spot. There have been multiple guys to try out for the spot such as Kyle Hendrick, Hector Velazquez, and Brian Johnson with little to no success. Yes, Brian Johnson threw a complete game shutout Saturday afternoon against the Seattle Mariners but he was immediately optioned after the game back to Pawtucket to make room for David Price. Bottom line is that if Pomeranz can continue to have these types of starts, the Red Sox will one of the top rotations in all of baseball with Chris Sale, Price, Rick Porcello, Eduardo Rodriguez, and Pomeranz.

2. He will have more confidence in the offense providing run support for him, thus helping him pitch better.

In the last two Pomeranz starts, the Red Sox have scored 10 runs for him. Pomeranz has a 4.24 era this season and he has 4.6 runs per game scored for him. This Red Sox offense has the hitters to put up runs in a hurry. For example, Chris Sale pitched Tuesday night and gave up seven runs. The Red Sox offense responded with six homeruns and 13 runs total.

With the Red Sox offense scoring a good amount of runs lately, this will help Drew Pomeranz pitch better and help further his success.

3. It gives the bullpen more rest.

Before his start on May 25th against the Texas Rangers, Drew Pomeranz had a bad reputation of not pitching deep into games. He had an average of 4.2 innings per start which made the bullpen work more than preferred. Now if Pomeranz can continue to pitch deep into baseball games and wins, the bullpen gets less work and has fresher arms ready to be at service in future games when needed.

Drew Pomeranz is a vital part of this Red Sox game returning to the playoffs. His next start is scheduled for June 6th at Yankee Stadium against the American League East leading New York Yankees. Hopefully for Pomeranz, there will be a lot more of winning, dancing, and repeating just like his last two starts.


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