Ranking Josh Jackson’s Top-5 Potential Landing Spots

Josh Jackson NBA Draft

Rich Sugg-TNS

Josh Jackson is an extremely talented ball player. He has superstar potential on both ends of the floor and will very likely will be a top-5 pick. There’s certain teams that will help him reach his potential better than others.

#1 Boston Celtics

The Celtics seem set on taking Fultz but even if they wanted Josh, he may not be a great fit. The Celtics are loaded with role players and he wouldn’t have a chance to start or play a big role. Jaylen Brown also has star potential and putting them on the same team would not be a good thing.

#2 Los Angeles Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers seem set on taking a point guard but they could also be in a position to take the best player available. With Brandon Ingram on their roster, it’s unlikely that they consider taking Josh Jackson. The Lakers need a floor general and if they took something other than that, it would be a surprise.

#3 Philadelphia 76ers

The Sixers have a loaded front court so it may be tough for them to take Josh. The past few seasons, they have taken the best player available with all the centers they took. They could do the same thing this year and select Josh Jackson with the third pick. A guard is the most likely pick, but this team is rebuilding so taking the best player could work. Josh Jackson could get good minutes and continue to develop. He could even play SG some if they wanted to go big with Simmons at SF and two other big men.

#4 Phoenix Suns

The Suns have a lot of young players and have a need at SF. They got two nice young bigs last year in the draft with Chriss and Bender, so getting Jackson this year would be big. Devin Booker is becoming a stud at SG, so drafting another young star on the wing would be a great addition.This is the most likely landing spot for Josh and it would be an A+ selection.

#5 Sacramento Kings

The Kings as a franchise have struggled mightily recently. They haven’t been able to develop talent and DeMarcus Cousins could never seem to get it together. Drafting a potential star in Josh Jackson could be a step in the right direction. Josh Jackson would get a chance to be the guy right away, which could be good for him. The problem could be that the Kings don’t have many other young weapons to pair with Josh.

The clear best fit for Jackson would be in Phoenix. They have some nice young pieces as well as some solid veterans who could help the young guys out. The Suns are headed in the right direction and taking a guy like Josh Jackson would be another great step in the right direction.


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