Why Jeremy Maclin Got Cut And Where He Could End Up



When the Kansas City Chiefs cut Jeremy Maclin the football world was shocked. He is a reliable receiver who has had a great career. He has been plagued by injuries the last couple of seasons which must have been a big reason the Chiefs made this move. He was the veteran leader of the receiving core which will be tough to replace, but his performance on the field is replaceable.

This could be a big loss for the Chiefs but they save $10 million in cap space for the current season. It also shows that the team is satisfied with the development of the younger players. Guys such as Demarcus Robinson and Chris Conley will have opportunities to step up and play a larger role this year. Tyreek Hill, who had a fantastic rookie season will need to step up even more this season with Maclin gone.

Maclin had a rough season last year largely in part due to his injury issues. He had 536 receiving yards and 2 touchdowns in 12 games but has been banged up the past two years in the playoffs which has really hurt the Chiefs’ run at a Super Bowl. He still is a productive receiver but he just seems to never be able to stay on the field.

The Chiefs needed more money to sign all their rookies so this will help them do that and also look for another player who can help out. Another Linebacker or a receiver is a possible pickup. The team is above the salary cap by about $9 million so look for the rumors to start up as the Chiefs will be looking to make additional moves.

Multiple teams will be calling Maclin to try and get him on board. A few possible fits would be the Baltimore Ravens, Carolina Panthers, Buffalo Bills and lastly a possible return to the Philadelphia Eagles could work out as well. There already have been multiple rumors but it will likely come down to what Maclin wants to do. Whether he wants to contend or whether he wants his pay day will determine where he ends up.

The likely fit would be him signing with the Buffalo Bills. QB Tyrod Taylor and RB Lesean McCoy are both very interested in Maclin joining their team. It makes a lot of sense as they’re a young football team with a need at veteran WR.


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