Evaluating 76ers Options After Lonzo Ball And Markelle Fultz

Photo: Thomas Joseph, USA TODAY Sports

Photo: Thomas Joseph, USA TODAY Sports

Over the past 4 years the Philadelphia 76ers have had a top three-pick in the draft each year giving them the ability to pick a player with superstar potential. Former GM Sam Hinkie made the decision in 2013 to go into full tank mode, trading Jrue Holiday to the Pelicans for C Nerlens Noel and the rights to PF/C Dario Saric. At the trade deadline in 2015 he decided to let go of former rookie of the year candidate Michael Carter-Williams to acquire the now 2018 Los Angeles Lakers 1st round pick. As the 2017 Draft is set to kick off the Sixers have to make their toughest decision to date.

Option 1: Draft the best player available: The best player available after Ball and Fultz seems to be either PG De’Aaron Fox or SG/SF Josh Jackson. Philly is known for selecting the best player as they selected both centers Joel Embiid and Jahlil Okafor. Both Fox and Jackson project as great defenders at the next level but both of their outside shooting would need improvements to play alongside last year’s number one overall pick Ben Simmons. Both of them shot below 28% from the 3-point line in college, so going this route may not be the best way.

Option 2: Trade Down for SG Malik Monk from the University of Kentucky who seems to be a match made in heaven for the 76ers. Monk shot 40% from 3-point range which would help the 76ers since they were 25th in 3-point percentage last season. He is a streaky scorer but showed off his deep range in college which should translate to the NBA nicely. Trading down however would not be easy. A deal with the Sacramento Kings involving their 5th and 10th picks for the 3rd pick could be a possibility. This would help the Sixers get Monk and additionally PG Dennis Smith Jr out of North Carolina State who could have similar impact like Fox.


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