Markelle Fultz Seems To Be A Lock For Celtics

Credit: Getty Images/Ringer illustration

Credit: Getty Images/Ringer illustration

Top NBA prospect and projected number one overall pick Markelle Fultz has reportedly stated that he will not work out for any other team than the Boston Celtics, who currently hold that number one pick. Fultz is a consensus franchise player who Celtics fans have shown a lot of support behind picking to lead the future of their franchise alongside Jaylen Brown.

Fultz finally made a trip to Boston on Monday and from the reports of the trip everything seemed just right about him being there. To dig in to what happened, Fultz informed other teams he will not work out for them which essentially means it’s clear that the Celtics will indefinitely draft him with that pick. Unless some  GM comes in with an outrageous offer it appears that Fultz will bleed green next year, and he seems to be excited about that:

Fultz playing alongside a superstar PG like Isaiah Thomas is something that Celtics fans should get excited about. Both players having attended the University of Washington, and have spoken before discussing the dynamic on-court connection they could create in Boston. No assumption should be made that Fultz would start right away alongside Thomas as Avery Bradley is still the standout obvious start at the 2-spot.

Having Isaiah Thomas as a mentor and Brad Stevens as his head coach leads no reason to believe that Fultz will have a tough transition to the NBA mentally. Stevens has carried a team culture in Boston where the chemistry seen on the team in recent years is unmatched in the rest of the league. With the support there for Fultz to thrive in the system all of the pressure will be on him to live up to the hype.

The good news for Fultz is that he won’t share the same pressure as other number one pick’s have had. With the Celtics coming off a season where they were the number one seed in the East there is no pressure for Fultz to be the leader now. In fact, Fultz can’t be the leader now as Isaiah Thomas holds that spot. This should put Fultz in a great situation to sit back and learn, easing into the NBA game style as Jaylen Brown did this year.

Now that’s not to say Fultz can simply sit back and do nothing. He’ll still hold the pressure to live up to the hype but will have a little more time find exactly where his support role on the Celtics will be. At the end of Fultz’s second season Celtics fans should reasonably expect him to begin to breakout, with his third season having high expectations. With Fultz’s addition in Boston it should make the years to come very exciting for fans to watch as their young core explodes and takes the NBA by storm.



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