Sacramento Should Not Trade Up To Select De’Aaron Fox

De'Aaron Fox

Andy Lyons-Getty Images

There was a report earlier from Chad Ford which stated the Sacramento Kings are interested in trading both their top-ten picks in order to secure De’Aaron Fox. This would be a huge move, and speaks volumes on how much Sacramento values Fox.

A lot of hype has been surrounding Fox as of late, so it’s likely that the Kings believe Fox will not be there when they select at 5. Fox has expressed interest in wanting to play for Sacramento, so the Kings must feel like they can’t let him go.

If the move were to happen, the most likely trade partner would be the Philadelphia 76ers. This deal would consist of Sacramento receiving the 3rd overall pick, and another small asset such as a player like Robert Covington, in exchange for the 5th and 10th overall picks in the 2017 NBA draft.

Of course, there is the option Sacramento is looking at the L.A. Lakers as a trade partner. After all, an earlier report suggested that the Lakers are not sold on Lonzo Ball and will look elsewhere with the #2 overall pick.

It would be harder to get a deal done with the Lakers, but if Sacramento really wants Fox they should make it happen. However, there is no reason the Kings should feel the need to trade up at all.

Even though Fox and Sacramento seem like perfect fits, the Kings should not go through with the deal. Trading away two top-ten picks for a player that has a chance to be there at your selection is a steep price. Fox can still very well become a King if this deal doesn’t happen, or he could be off the board as high as the second pick in the draft. There will be a lot more rumors to come by the time of the NBA draft, and a lot more to speculate.




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