Has White Flag Already Been Raised On 2017 Season For Jets?

Elsa/Getty Images

Elsa/Getty Images

We’re probably all thinking the same thing about this New York Jets team. This roster is not ready to compete in the AFC East, much less with the rest of the NFL. It surely seems like the NY Jets have suddenly declared their 2017 season a lost cause given the wave of roster cuts of key veterans such as Brandon Marshall, David Harris, and now Eric Decker.

What the Jets are doing can only end up as an embarrassment for the NFL. When a team is so obviously tanking what can the league do to prevent such a travesty from happening? The reality of the situation is that under the NFL’s current structure, Roger Goodell can’t tell the NY Jets to not get rid of all their “names” and simply build for the future through draft picks.

However, there lies a huge problem ahead for the way the NFL is currently formatted. A brief look at the Jets schedule doesn’t show many clear-cut paths to gaining a win in the 2017 season. In 2017, they play the entire NFC South, the AFC West, and their “grab bag” games in the AFC consist of the Browns and the Jaguars.  Likely, if the Jets don’t win one of those grab bag games, we will have yet another 0-16 team to join the 2008 Detroit Lions in infamy.

So, how did the NY Jets, who were on the cusp of the playoffs two seasons ago get to this point? Like most teams with questions at the quarterback position it came down to a huge regression in play of Ryan Fitzpatrick. Fitzpatrick bet on himself with a one-year deal with the squad, and he lost big. Now the Jets are purging veterans left and right to any buyers willing to trade with them for a future draft pick.

The ones who are going to be hurting the most come September will be the NY Jets faithful fans. They clearly did not sign up for this type of abuse and should consider boycotting 2017 season games given the fact that their GM, Mike Maccagnan has written this season off as a loss. Some NFL Executives have even gone so far to say that this NY Jets roster, today, is one of the worst rosters the NFL has ever had.

Coach Todd Bowles can’t catch a break. Ever since he joined the Jets it seems like unfortunate situations keep popping up for him, and his nightmare will likely come to an end sooner rather than later. Instead of the “J-E-T-S, Jets Jets Jets” chant, the fans will likely be saying: “J-E-T-S, Just End The Season.”


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