Who Should Sacramento Target In Free Agency?

Otto Porter Jr.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The Sacramento Kings are most likely rolling into the free agency period with loads of cap space. With expiring contracts such as Rudy Gay, Darren Collison, Ty Lawson, and waiving Anthony Tolliver, not only do the Kings have cap room, they have a lot of roster spots to fill as well.

Sacramento will most likely end up with three players selected in the 2017 NBA draft, none of which will have a huge impact on the cap. The Kings are likely to waive Arron Afflalo by June 23rd, which would free up more room. Assuming Ben McLemore is not kept, the Kings are looking to be at about the 60 million range for cap space. Let’s take a look at some of the options for Sacramento.

Shabazz Muhammad

Muhammad would fill a void for the Kings at the small-forward position. He is a solid scorer, but can’t really do much else besides that. Regardless, he would be an instant upgrade at small-forward as the Kings currently have none.

Muhammad is a restricted free agent, meaning the Minnesota Timberwolves could match anything the Kings throw at him. The Timberwolves likely don’t value Muhammad too high and it might be time for them to move on.

Patty Mills

Why would unrestricted free agent Patty Mills leave an organization like the Spurs to join the struggling Kings? To cash in a big paycheck, that’s why. San Antonio will be busy pursuing other point guard’s like Chris Paul and Kyle Lowry, anyways. The Spurs just don’t have the salary to match the Kings offer here.

Sacramento is likely to draft a point guard in 2017, meaning Mills could serve as a mentor to whoever that may be. Mills is a great shooter, and would be a great addition for the Kings if they are able to snag him.

Otto Porter Jr.

Otto Porter coming to Sacramento would be an absolute dream. It just doesn’t seem possible that a player of his caliber and potential would willingly come play for the Kings. But with the Wizards struggle to get over the hump, and their very rough salary situation, the Kings have the ability to throw Porter a max deal and give him a larger role on the team.

Porter is a good rebounder and amazing 3-point shooter for the small-forward position. On the Wizards, he took a backseat to John Wall and Bradley Beal. However, there is not really anyone on Sacramento to take a backseat to. The incentive for Porter to come to Sacramento is there, but still, there is an incredibly slim chance this would ever happen.

Dion Waiters

Waiters is an interesting free agent. Sacramento had interest in Waiters last offseason, but he ending up taking a 1-year rental for the Miami Heat. On the Heat, he had a breakout year and looked like a different player than what he was for the Thunder.

Even though the Kings have a lot of 2-guards, it’s completely possible they will still have interest in Waiters. After all, he is a good shooter, and that is what Vivek really likes. He doesn’t fit with Sacramento well at all, but sometimes the Kings management can do questionable things.

These are just four of many prospects the Kings could be targeting during free agency. The Kings still have to get through the NBA draft, though, and that will likely have a big impact on what route they take in free agency.


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