Yankees Have a Tough Decision to Make at Third

Chase Headley

John Angelillo-UPI

We previously visited the New York Yankees, and how they are still contenders even without solid production from their ace Masahiro Tanaka. Ken Rosenthal brought up something that could use some elaboration.

Third base is a position of interest for the first-place Yankees. Currently Chase Headley mans the position, but after a hot start the switch-hitting Headley has cooled down drastically. More specifically from the right side of the plate.

As Joe Girardi would put it, “it’s not what you want”. Headley has admitted he hasn’t been comfortable from the right side, and the .158 average would be putting it lightly. Any logical baseball fan knows that third base is an essential position for offensive production, and the Yankees aren’t getting it from Headley. So, what do they do? Well one name not in the Yankees’ organization that comes to mind is Mike Moustakas of the Kansas City Royals.

The Royals, although they’re only 5.5 games out of the division and Wild Card, are in an awkward position. Should they slide out of the race, they could look to sell. Obviously the Yankees have the assets to snag Moustakas; and a fantastic left-handed bat in Yankee stadium. You can see the home runs already. That is contingent on how the Royals play leading up to the deadline though.

The alternative, and easier route would be highly touted prospect Gleyber Torres. Torres has made his way to Triple-A fairly quickly. In fact, he’s gotten there in fewer plate appearances than Xander Bogaerts, Corey Seager and Francisco Lindor.

His .749 OPS in 49 plate appearances in Triple-A is nearly 100 points lower than what he had in Double-A. Obviously, a small sample size, but it doesn’t seem to deter the Yankees’ from seemingly fast tracking Torres to the Majors.

Torres would obviously be the easiest option, but a left-handed bat for that short porch in right field is extremely enticing. It still doesn’t 100 percent solve the problem, because Moose hits an abysmal .188 against lefties.

What the Yankees decide to do at the hot corner is still up in the air at the moment, but for a team that is definitely in the hunt for a title they need to explore all possibilities.


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