What To Expect From 3-On-3 Olympic Basketball

Sam Sharpe - USA TODAY Sports

Sam Sharpe – USA TODAY Sports

On Friday, the Olympic committee agreed on adding some interesting sports to the 2020 Olympics, but with a crazy twist for Basketball fans. The IOC announced that a 3-on-3 basketball tournament will be taking place in the 2020 Olympics, unlike anything that has been seen before.  

USA Basketball is excited that 3×3 basketball has been added to the 2020 Olympic Games. 3×3 is a great way to develop the sport and expand it to parts of the world that might not otherwise be active in basketball. It is a popular and growing sport; it’s non-stop; fast-paced; high energy; and an exciting version of the game. – Jim Tooley USAB CEO

As of now, nobody is certain what athletes will compete in the tournament. Likely, the teams will consist of players from professional leagues such as the NBA and the WNBA. Quite possibly though, the teams could end up just being pros from 3-on-3 competitions and other well-known streetballers.

As of now, these are the rules set in place by FIBA for the event:

  • The event is a half-court game.


  • A team consists of four players, three starters and one substitute. There are no coaches.


  • The game ends after a team either reaches 21 points or after the 10-minute quarter.


  • Each made shot inside the three-point line is worth one point while shots past it are worth two.


  • After a change of possession, the ball must be taken past the three-point line for it to count. The same rule also applies to a made basket.


  • Free throws span from 1 to 2 shots. 1 shot for a foul committed within the three-point line, and two shots for a foul committed outside the line.


  • There is a 12-second shot clock.


Currently this event seems like it fits perfectly for both the IOC and the fans. Expect more info coming within the next few months.


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