Eric Gordon and Lou Williams’ Case For Sixth Man Of The Year

Eric Gordon

Gary A. Vasquez- USA TODAY Sports


After winning the three-point contest at this year’s All-Star Saturday Night, Eric Gordon was pretty much a lock for the Sixth Man of the Year award. But soon the Rockets acquired Lou Williams via trade, and it soon became a friendly competition for the award thereafter.


In terms of raw stats, Gordon leads Williams in all per game categories.

Eric Gordon Lou Williams
REB 3.9 2.7
AST 2 1.3
STL 0.7 0.6
BLK 0.5 0.1
PTS 12.9 12.5

Eric Gordon

Gordon has, for the most part, been great all season from beyond the arc. In my opinion, his greatest weakness is probably consistency. More often than not, he seems to be having too many poor shooting nights. He wasn’t exactly great in this year’s post-season either. However, when he’s hot, he’s hot. For being one of the Rockets’ main source of scoring off the bench, he’d get my vote.

Lou Williams

Lou has been the spark of energy off the bench for Houston. The Rockets gained a huge plus with the addition of Williams after trading forward Corey Brewer to the Lakers. Whenever the Rockets find themselves in a deficit, Mike D’Antoni will often resort to putting Lou in the game to get some form of offense going. His acrobatic style of play certainly gives him some bonus points, but as Gordon has the stats, shooting edge, and has been with the team for the whole season rather than half, he’ll most likely fall as runner-up in the voting.

All NBA Awards, including MVP and Sixth Man, will be announced on Monday, June 26 at 8 PM/CT on TNT.


What do you think? Eric Gordon, Lou Williams, or Andre Iguodala for Sixth Man of the Year? Vote below in the poll:


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