Realistic Sacramento Kings Draft Day Trade Scenarios

Markelle Fultz

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Coming into draft night on June 22nd, there is a lot of speculation that the Sacramento Kings could possibly make a move or two. Considering they have a lot of assets and cap space to do so, it wouldn’t be a surprise if the Kings decided to take on salary, trade up in the draft, or move a vet for more assets. We’ll take a glance at some potential scenarios that the Kings could dabble in come draft night.

Kings-Blazers Trade

Kings Receive: F Evan Turner, G Allen Crabbe, 15th overall pick, 26th overall pick

Blazers Receive: Future 2nd round pick(s)

In this trade, the Blazers dump on a lot of salary to the Kings in Crabbe and Turner, while also giving up 2 of their 3 first round picks. Portland needs to build a winner, and that simply just cannot happen with their current roster and who they overpay for. They would also still be keeping one of their first round picks, so they still have a young piece to work with.

Sacramento would receive two more first-round picks, which for a team in rebuilding mode would be a dream. The Kings have the cap space to take on Turner and Crabbe’s contract, so it should be a probably. This seems like a win-win trade for both sides involved.

Kings-Celtics Trade

Kings Receive: 1st overall pick

Celtics Receive: 5th overall pick, 10th overall pick, C Willie Cauley-Stein

Willie Cauley-Stein is a player that the Celtics need tremendously. A great defender, who is improving at getting boards, something the Celtics were desperately missing last year. Boston also trades down, and has two top-ten picks now, giving them much more freedom with who they should select.

The Kings would receive the first overall pick in order to draft consensus number one, Markelle Fultz from Washington. The Kings have already been rumored to trade up in this year’s draft, just for a different player.

It’s also been reported that Fultz may visit the Kings between now and draft night. This doesn’t seem like a big deal, but for an organization that never attracts top-tier prospects like the Kings, it is a pretty big deal.

This trade is highly controversial, and might not look like a good trade for Sacramento on the surface. But, if the Kings were able to pull off a move like the Blazers-Kings trade above, then it’s hard to turn trading up for a player like Fultz. If you have to give up Cauley-Stein in the process, but end up with the 1st, 15th, and 26th overall picks, it’s definitely something to look at.

Kings-Spurs Trade

Kings Receive: 29th overall pick

Spurs Receive: C Kosta Koufos

The Spurs are getting an international player, as always, who will definitely fill a void at the big man position. David Lee wasn’t the man, and Dedmon is a free agent. San Antonio would probably only execute this trade if they thought they wouldn’t get Chris Paul.

Sacramento trades away a vet, for a pick simply. Koufos just doesn’t fit with Sacramento’s roster anymore, with Skal, Cauley-Stein, and Papagiannis getting rotational minutes in his position. The 29th pick seems like equivalent value for Koufos.

These are just a few trade scenarios that could potentially go down on draft day. So, what do you guys think? Do any of these trades interest you?


3 thoughts on “Realistic Sacramento Kings Draft Day Trade Scenarios

  1. Did you say realistic or out of your mind crazy trade ideas? wow That Portland trade is nuts. Any GM that agrees to that on the Sacramento end gets fired immediately. Boston trade isn’t much better.
    The only realistic 1 is the SA trade.
    Taking on Salary like 37 million a year for 3 years, for players that have no business playing significant minutes in a rebuild is bat shit crazy. Taking on a year at that # maybe but 3 years??? Get real. We want draft picks but not to cripple the franchise for 3 years. GEEZ
    In addition, when you make a trade for a salary cap dump, the opposing team does not receive anything substantial in return.


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