Time to Panic for Orioles Fans

Murphy’s law states: “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong” and that is what happened to the Baltimore Orioles this past weekend against the New York Yankees. The O’s were swept 2-8, 3-16 and 3-14, respectively, and not showing signs of getting out of this slump as they now fall to 4th place in the AL East. The question is, who is to blame for all this?

It would be real easy to point the finger at Buck Showalter, he is the guy that makes all the game day decisions, lineup changes, whether to put guys in or take guys out but let’s be real, he doesn’t have much to choose from when it comes to game day starters. Chris Tillman has an 8.01 ERA this season but over his career he has averaged a 4.24 ERA, Kevin Guasman has a 6.49 ERA with also a career average around 4. The Orioles as a whole, have the 4th worst ERA in MLB and the worst in the American League but at this time last year, they had the 7th best ERA in the American league and were 4th best in saves but times have changed. The four main starters for the Orioles have a collective 5.2 ERA with only Dylan Bundy and Wade Miley attempting to hold the fort but it appears this may be more of Alamo story instead of Fort Mchenry.

After Friday’s and Saturday’s loss and drastically calling up arms Edwin Jackson and Stefan Crichton to stop the bleeding, they sent them right back down after Saturday called up rookie Jimmy Yacabonis and Logan Verrett to no avail.

The real blame is put at the feet of the Angelos family. Dan Duquette can only use the money that he is given to build a solid team. The front office has been thrift shopping for starting pitchers for the last few years and finally caught up with them. The bullpen is gassed and I don’t think the All-Star break is going to help.

The Orioles have an opportunity today to add some quality arms to find the next great ace but the issue with baseball is that it could take three years or more before you see the prospect in the starting rotation and the Orioles don’t have that kind of time right now;

Teams like the Red Sox and Yankees, who appear to be on a collision course for the playoffs, have spent the money and resources developing solid young talent and signing quality pitchers to win championships. So, the Orioles, the Angelos family especially, has to decide if they want to compete or just pad their pockets with the MASN TV deal.


5 thoughts on “Time to Panic for Orioles Fans

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