Four Free Agents Signings That Would Significantly Help Houston

Jesse D. Garrabrant – Getty Images

It’s offseason time, and the Houston Rockets will be looking to make a big impact during 2017 NBA free agency. Let’s look at some options.

Serge Ibaka

Serge Ibaka

Nick Wass – AP Photo

The Rockets definitely could improve on their lock-down defense in the front court. For the most part, Ryan Anderson is solid at the 4 position, but he isn’t exactly a “good defender.” His strengths lie in the offensive end.

Imagine what a force in the paint like Serge Ibaka could do for this team. While he’s struggled slightly over the past couple of years with consistency, there’s no doubt that he’s still a dominant force on defense. Reuniting with his old teammate James Harden would also be more enticing.

Otto Porter

Otto Porter

Ned Dishman – Getty Images

Looking at scoring, Otto Porter is definitely a great option. It’s worth noting, however, that Porter is a restricted free agent this offseason. This means the Wizards will have the ability to match any offer sheet he signs, which will make luring him away from D.C. much more difficult.

While the Rockets already have a capable scorer on the wing in Trevor Ariza, he’s a bit inconsistent and Porter is much younger and appears to have a brighter future. He’s emerged as an effecient shooter and an overall offensive threat.

Blake Griffin

Blake Griffin

Luis Sinco – Los Angeles Times

Like I previously mentioned, Anderson is a fine offensive asset, but he just doesn’t fit the bill as an all-around power forward the Rockets need. Blake Griffin can fill that void.

Yes, I know what you’re thinking. “Blake Griffin is super injury prone.” I admit, he can be just that, but if the Rockets can manage to keep Anderson while still signing Blake, Anderson will make a great backup.

While Griffin’s expected to re-sign with the Clippers, there’s still a decent chance he’ll look for other opportunities in free agency.

Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant

Matthew Stockman – Getty Images

Oh boy, Kevin Durant. Harden’s old friend.

This is meant to be a dream scenario and not completely logical. These are supposed to be theĀ best possible free agents that fit the needs of the Houston Rockets this offseason. Could this create a good opportunity Harden and Durant to join each other once again in H-Town?

Can you imagine how explosive that offense would be?

Of course, the chances are high that Durant will re-sign with the Warriors, but there’s still that chance that he may want to join forces with his old pal in Houston.


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