What To Expect From Bryce Harper’s Free Agency

Bryce Harper

Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Washington Nationals are one of the strongest teams in the league led by stars Max Scherzer (SP), Ryan Zimmerman (1B), and Bryce Harper (OF). Currently standing at 3rd in the National League just one game behind the Dodgers, Nationals fans can be happy with how things are going. The beginning of the season was a little rough as they started with a 6-5 record, giving up 12 runs to Philly in the first inning alone. After making some adjustments they eventually turned things around and heated up going on a 10-1 run.

There’s been lots of talk regarding the Nationals roster. After cuts throughout the season, including Jeremy Guthrie, they recently drafted two pitchers: Seth Romero (LHP) round-1 pick 25 and Wil Crowe (RHP) round-2 pick 65. The big controversy though, is whether Harper truly intends to stick around in Washington. Becoming a free agent in 2018 Harper will have plenty of suitors looking to sign him with many MLB managers drooling over him to join their squad. With Harper making it clear he demands at least $400 million the Yankees are undoubtedly an option. However, with one of the strongest groups of outfielders in the league they’re starting to become a little less interested in him as rookie sensation Aaron Judge continues to lead the Bronx’s outfield crew. It’s apparent they don’t need any additional strong batters there but they do have the money to add Harper.

Where does he personally want to go? The Cubs. At least that’s his “preferred option.” In the long run though, it is unlikely he will go to the Cubs without killing their salary space. The Cubs would have a very difficult time keeping Kris Bryant (a free agent in 2021) and Harper on the same roster. Peter Gammons, MLB analyst, said that his prediction would be that Harper lands somewhere in the Yankee’s roster.


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