What Arsenal Must Do Leading Into 2017-2018

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It is becoming more and more clear that Arsenal are the symbol of mediocrity in the Premier League. The club finished in 5th place, which is the lowest placement they have had since 1995. In the Champions League, they have been knocked out in the round of 16 every season since 2009. This upcoming season, they won’t even be participating in the competition.

The unsuccess this season could be directed at manager Arsene Wenger. Fans have been torn on whether the club legend should remain at the club. The question was abruptly answered, when the club offered Wenger a two-year contract.

Despite this new deal, the club made Wenger promise he would spend some cash to bolster his lineup for the next year. The amount of money Arsene has to spend could reach higher than £100 million. Here is how he could spend it, and how Arsene Wenger can drag this team back to the stardom it once was at.

Put Last Season Behind

The 2016-17 season will go down a forgettable one in the club archives. It is a season that no Arsenal fan or player will want to remember, so why should they? Put all of the #WengerOut and brawls between same fans behind. The club needs to reunite as a single club once again.

Even looking at season prior to this most recent one, there has been multiple fans splitting opinions on the club, protests against the manager, and boycotts after poor performances and lack of signings. This needs to end, and quickly. All it is doing is creating a feeling of unnecessary discomfort within the club. There should be no discomfort. Arsene Wenger have taken this club to 20 straight season within the top four. Just because one season doesn’t turn out that way doesn’t mean the world is coming to an end. Pull it together, gunners fans.

Bring In A Marquee Signing

I can understand the perspective of frustrated fans from this specific standpoint. Big clubs spend money to get better players. Rich clubs that are in the same financial boat as Arsenal have gotten with the trend, but Wenger is too frugal to spend £80 million every transfer window.

All that needs to be done is to bring in one big money player. It could be Riyad Mahrez for £50 million, Alexandre Lacazette for £40 million, or even Kylian Mbappe for £105 million. Any of these signings would have fans buzzing. Shirt sales would sky rocket and the atmosphere at the Emirates would be upbeat. Bringing one or two of the caliber players I previously mentioned could solve the issue I mentioned above all by itself. In world football these days, money makes the world go ‘round. Whether you love it or hate it, that’s the era we are in right now, and Arsene Wenger needs to accept that as a fact.

Get Rid of the Inconsistency For Good

Looking at the pure talent in this squad, you could say this team could compete for a Premier League title. There are so many players that show flashes of brilliance in this squad, but have this issue called inconsistency. I’ll just list off a few players that fall under this category.

Aaron Ramsey, Theo Walcott, Danny Welbeck, Granit Xhaka, and even Mesut Ozil.

These are class players, and have shown time and time again that they deserve to be regarded as such. However, multiple slumps and underwhelming performances that slip between their spurts of greatness hinder their reputation and their skill in general. Ramsey slips in and out of the first team constantly, Theo Walcott forgets how to finish every once in awhile, Welbeck is injury Prone, Xhaka racks up red cards far too often, and Mesut Ozil doesn’t give enough effort when it really matters. These are all issues that can be resolved with some simple coaching.

Completing all three of these tasks will bring Arsenal back into Champions League spots. The club has taken a clear leap from faith this past season. Looking back on it, losing out on Champions League has to be considered a failure, but it isn’t enough to sack a manager who has placed that low for the first time in 20 years. This is Wenger’s much deserved second chance, and he needs to seize it a reform Arsenal into the top club it should be.


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