Brooklyn Native Sebastian Telfair Could Spend Serious Time In Jail

Telfair arrested

Alex Goodlett-Getty Images

Former NBA first-round pick Sebastian Telfair was arrested early Sunday morning after police found three handguns, a semi-automatic rifle, and Marijuana in the back of his truck. As of now, it is unclear what Telfair’s motive was as police caught him before any action was taken. Potentially though, Telfair could still be sentenced up to 15 years in jail.

Sebastian wasn’t alone though when the incident occurred, as 18-year-old Jami Thomas was arrested alongside him. Thomas and Telfair are facing similar charges and both could be spending some serious jail time.

Telfair, later that day during his arraignment, received the news that he is being charged with unlawful possession of a ballistic vest, unlawful possession of ammunition magazine, possession of a controlled substance, aggravated unlicensed operator of a motor vehicle, and a motor vehicle equipment violation.

Edward Hayes, Telfair’s lawyer, successfully got Sebastian released on a $75,000 bail, but it still seems like Telfair is in big trouble. Edward Hayes, the lawyer of the two men, has been claiming that they legally have a license for the gun in Florida. But in the state of New York, they need a separate license to be carrying a gun.

His Downfall

Telfair never lived up to his phenom status after being so highly touted by scouts all around the league. Like many did during the early 2000’s, Telfair skipped college and went straight to the NBA. Unlike Lebron and Kobe, who were also drafted out of high school, Telfair underperformed during his 12-year tenure in the NBA. Telfair bounced to eight different teams in just his 12 years in the league, underwhelming each team he played for until he was out of the league in 2014.

Telfair’s legal history

Sunday’s incident is not the first time Telfair had a run in with the law, as in 2007, Telfair faced similar charges when police discovered he had a loaded handgun with him. Telfair later pleaded guilty to the charge and was sentenced to three years of probation. Some say his career came to end so young because of instances like these.



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