Philadelphia 76ers Off-Season Needs

Joel Embiid

Mitchell Leff – Getty Images

The Philadelphia 76ers are on the brink of making the playoffs after years of disappointing. This year they found “The Process” also known as Joel Embiid. Even though Embiid’s season was cut short due to injuries he left a lasting mark on the team. He played 31 games in 3 years and he is already considered a top-15 center in the league. The only issue is he has had multiple season ending injuries. The reason for this year’s injury was he didn’t have good balance resulting in him twisting his knee after a dunk. The Sixers need to make his legs stronger and more balanced so he won’t fall after dunks. Overall, they just need Embiid healthy and ready to go for the regular season.

The Sixers lack perimeter shooting, plain and simple. They need to sign a shooter in free agency. An obvious target would be J.J. Reddick who is a sharpshooter and exactly what they need. Rumors have been thrown around that Kyle Lowry was interested in coming to Philly and that the Sixers were going to offer him a max contract.

Signing Kyle Lowry would be great for the 76ers because they need that star power to just push them over the edge to contention.The Sixers are a year or two before actually contending and being a force to reckon with in the Eastern Conference. Although, unless someone splits up the Golden State Warriors this is their league now and anyone can do about it. Unless someone can split up the Big 4.

There have been rumors of the Sixers trading their 3rd overall pick for a veteran.

One thing that might be possible is trading for Klay Thompson. The Warriors can not afford every single star on their team so they would want value for someone before one of them leaves. One possible trade could be:

Sixers Receive: Klay Thompson

Warriors Receive: Jahlil Okafor, Justin Anderson, Nik Stauskus, 2017 1st round pick, 2018 1st round pick

If they settle with the 3rd pick they will draft whoever the Lakers don’t. If the Lakers draft Lonzo Ball, then the 76ers draft Josh Jackson. If the Lakers draft Josh Jackson, then the 76ers draft Lonzo Ball. Overall, I think the 76ers will have a very successful season next year if everyone can stay healthy.




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