Warriors Unanimously Decide To Pass On Trip To White House

Warriors Decline White House Visit

Kyle Terada- USA Today Sports

One of the perks of being a champion of an American sports league is that you have the honor of going to the White House and meeting the president. The most recent team to earn this privilege is the NBA’s Golden State Warriors, who just recently defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers to become 2017 NBA champions. But, reportedly, the Golden State Warriors have declined that invitation.

After winning the NBA title, the Warriors were given an option to go to the White House and meet President Donald Trump, the Warriors unanimously declined this invitation. This year, nobody from the Warriors team will be visiting President Donald Trump. This doesn’t come as much of a shock because back in May, Warriors head coach Steve Kerr said the following about President Trump, “Trump is a blowhard who couldn’t be more ill-suited to be president.” Those aren’t the only comments Steve Kerr has made about Trump, for he has bashed Trump many times in other press conferences, stressing his strong dislike for the President. Former NBA MVP and star point guard Steph Curry has also showed his dislike towards Trump by saying, “Trump is an asset if you remove the ‘et’.” Steph Curry has even called out company CEO’s that support Trump.

The Warriors aren’t the first championship team to make a stance against Trump. This past year, the New England Patriots were sent to The White House after winning the Super Bowl, but more than 20 players including star quarterback Tom Brady refused to go. It was soon made obvious that the reason most of the Patriots player did not attend, was due to a difference in beliefs with President Trump.

So far, that’s 2 national sports championship teams that have refused to visit the White House due to disagreements with Trump, and it’s not a very good look for them. While the New England Patriots had many players refuse to go, 30+ players still went, but the Warriors, on the other hand, are all completely no-showing their visit. While the Warriors still have time to change their decision, it’s very unlikely as the Warriors seem to be unanimously set on not showing up. With more and more athletes, coaches, and sports figures showing their dislike towards Trump, could this trend of declining the White House invitation grow stronger and possibly continue to spread?


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