Cristiano Ronaldo Wants Emergency Exit Away From Spain

Shaun Botterill – Getty Images

This may be the biggest news in world football for a long time…

Don’t blink, because you really are seeing this correctly. This isn’t any sort of crude joke or dumb prank, Cristiano Ronaldo is actually ready to leave Real Madrid.

The story even came from a source very close to the player. This source told the BBC, who relayed the news to the rest of the world.

Cristiano Ronaldo has been accused with tax fraud. Since he makes so much money, he has to pay an enormously large amount of taxes. This may have tempted him to try and illegally avoid having to pay this amount of money to the government. When asked about the accusation, he replied that he was “very sad and really upset” about the whole ordeal.

This is the driving cause of Ronaldo’s unrest in Spain. The amount of money could add up to a possible €15 million. The source spoke out in Ronaldo’s favor, saying that Ronaldo “feels he’s honest, has good character and did everything OK.” Even Real Madrid themselves have come out and said that they’re “convinced of his innocence.”

No matter how many people think that the world-beating winger is not guilty, the Spanish authorities think otherwise. This is forcing Ronaldo to make an emergency exit out of Spain.

Clubs in China would be able to offer Ronaldo the most amount of money, but Ronaldo and his agents are looking for some more competitive soccer. This leads us to think that Cristiano will continue to play in Europe.

One of the most likely clubs that would have the finances and attraction to bring Ronaldo in is Paris Saint-Germain. PSG only finished 2nd last season, after having a long run of Ligue 1 championships in the most recent years. A young Monaco side lead by Kylian Mbappe managed to steal the French title from Paris in the end, though. With players like Angel Di Maria, Lucas Moura, and Thiago Silva already playing in Paris, Ronaldo could find himself playing in the French capital by the time this summer window shuts.

Ronaldo has apparently received an offer from a Premier League club as well. At the time of writing this article, the club that has offered Cristiano the deal is unknown. The deal seems to be wealthy enough for Ronaldo to consider. Possible destinations in the Premier League could be either Manchester side or Chelsea.

This quickfire decision by Ronaldo could turn out to be the biggest transfer of all time, by a landslide. Ronaldo’s buyout clause in his contract is valued at €1 billion. I don’t know of many clubs that are going to be able to pull that sort of money out of their back pocket.


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