Mexico Looking For Redemption In Confederations Cup

Javier Hernandez

Julian Finney – Getty Images

Mexico qualified for the Confederations Cup after beating the U.S. 3-2 in the 2015 CONCACAF Cup. This is El Tri’s 7th appearance in the Confederations Cup as they only won it once in 1999, on their home soil. Ever since Mexico lost 7-0 to Chile in the Quarterfinals in Copa America Centenario, they have gone 9-2-4 wanting to maintain their form heading into the Confederations Cup. Before Juan Carlos Osario’s appointment, Mexico went a mediocre 18-11-7 under Miguel Herrara before he got fired for allegedly attacking a reporter at the Philadelphia International Airport. The full details are here:

Manager, Juan Carlos Osario, will look to first his 1st major tournament with Mexico as he’s never won it since becoming manager in 2015. He’s very excited for the tournament saying, ” We are very happy to be here, very excited, with the plan of ratifying the Mexican game’s very good moment. It is a great opportunity to compete against a number of the best national teams and best players “. Source: ESPNFC

Player To Watch: Javier ” Chicharito ” Hernandez

Javier “Chicarito ” Hernandez will look to redeem himself after a disappointing season with Bayer Leverkusen in the Bundesliga only scoring 13 goals in 36 appearances. As Mexico’s all-time leading goal scorer with 47 goals, Chicharito has proven he’s a great goal scorer and very quick. If he can perform like he did in his Manchester United days and with Leverkusen in the 2015-2016 season, expect Mexico to win the Confederations Cup.


Mexico will finish 2nd in Group A. Although Portugal has a better squad than Mexico, they’ll likely finish ahead of New Zealand and Russia in their group. They’ll win against New Zealand and Russia and lose to Portugal in the group stage.

In the knockout stage, Mexico will lose in a rematch to Chile in the semifinals leaving them with a Third-Place match to Germany. Mexico will lose in the Third-Place match to Germany ultimately finishing in 4th place.


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