Washington Wizards Must Re-Sign John Wall At All Costs

John Wall Game Winner Boston Celtics

Rob Carr-Getty Images

When John Wall was named to the All-NBA 3rd team, he became eligible for a “super-max” contract because of the Designated Veteran Player Extension agreed upon in the new collective bargaining agreement. Because of this, the Washington Wizards are able to offer Wall a 4-year contract extension valued at $170 million.

Even with the looming payday in sight, Wall is not yet committed to Washington long-term as he is waiting to see what the franchise will do in free agency before re-signing with the team. This is a smart move for DC’s point guard as he is making the Wizards prove they will be able to compete for an NBA championship before he retires.

The following is from J. Michael of CSN Mid-Atlantic.

From league sources close to the situation, Wall wants to see a bigger picture plan on where the franchise is headed before committing for longer. The Wizards won 49 games this season and advanced to the conference semifinals for the third time in four years.

Washington seems willing to part with their first-round draft picks, so they could be in the market to trade for a star, but those picks would not be too valued as the Wizards are expected to remain contenders for years to come. This is one way to acquire a star, but they are more likely to do so through free agency.

The team’s general manager, Ernie Grunfeld, must be willing to spend money on stars to please his current star, and hopefully retain him for the remainder of his All-Star career. Even if it means going into the luxury tax, the Wizards have to be willing to pay so they can compete with Golden State, Cleveland, Boston, San Antonio and others for a championship.

Wall needs to be surrounded with more than Bradley Beal and Otto Porter for the Wizards to be able to compete with these “super-teams.” Washington has a good core, but even if they are able to get past Cleveland in the Eastern Conference, Golden State is going to be sitting at the top of the Western Conference many years into the future.

To sign Wall, Washington must prove they are willing to pay money to bring stars to DC to help the current core win the franchise’s first NBA title since 1978. They’re going to do this since they cannot afford to lose their point guard, and it’s only a matter of time before Wall has signed his name on the dotted line, keeping him in the nation’s capital for at least 4 more years.


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