Why Red Sox Should Acquire Mike Moustakas at All-Star Break


Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

The Boston Red Sox have been one of the hottest teams recently in the MLB. They have won five of their last seven games. It seems like almost every part of their lineup is producing. The one position that still remains a mystery is third base. There have been recent reports that the Red Sox are interested in acquiring Kansas City Royals third baseman Mike Moustakas. Here are three reasons why the Red Sox should acquire Moustakas from Kansas City.

  1. Pablo Sandoval is not doing the job.
  2. Sandoval contributing this season looked promising as he came into Spring Training slimmer and determined to show why the Red Sox gave him his five year/95 million dollar contract in 2015. Unfortunately, he continues to struggle in Boston. Up to this point in the season, Sandoval is hitting .208 with four home-runs and 12 RBI’s. Part of the reason for this is his impatient hitting is his reputation of swinging at bad pitches, in big situations, during the regular season.

Not only is he struggling at the plate, but he has been horrible in the field as well. Sandoval has five errors this season in 26 games at third base and has a fielding percentage of only .909.

2. Mike Moustakas is having a good year in Kansas City.

Moustakas, so far in the 2017 season, has been very productive. Currently, he is hitting .282 with 18 home-runs and 42 RBI’s. He has arguably been one of the best players in the MLB over the past few weeks.

Moustakas has also been pretty reliable at third base as well. He has a .956 fielding percentage and has made 5 errors like Sandoval, but has also played twice as many games at third base as Sandoval has.

3. Moustakas costs 10 million dollars less than Sandoval.

Sandoval signed with the Red Sox in 2015 for five years and 95 million dollars. Moustakas signed a contract in 2016 for two years and 14.3 million dollars. If the Red Sox release or find a way to dumb Sandoval’s contract and add Moustakas, it will save the Red Sox money for future free agencies. It can also give minor league prospect Rafael Devers more time to develop into the Red Sox third baseman of the future.

The Red Sox offense can survive right now without production from their third basemen. However, for them to make a legitimate run at the World Series; they need to upgrade the position in any way possible. Moustakas seems to be the perfect fit. He is a World Series champion, he has proven he can be effective in the American League, and he has shown he can be an asset as a two-way baseball player.



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