Boston Red Sox Should Sign Mookie Betts Long-Term

Mookie Betts Boston Red Sox Long-Term Extension

Nick Wass-Associated Press

The MLB regular season is close to halfway done. There is always talk of contenders for the postseason as well as contracts both short-term and long-term. One interesting case is Boston Red Sox All-Star right fielder, Mookie Betts. Analysts and reporters believe Betts could potentially leave Boston when his free agency approaches.

Here are three reasons why the Red Sox should do whatever is necessary to sign Mookie Betts to a long-term extension.

He is the Red Sox main power hitter:

Coming into this season, Mookie Betts was going to be looked upon as the player to replace the power numbers of recently retired designated-hitter, David Ortiz. Betts has not disappointed as he leads the Red Sox in home-runs with 10 so far on the season. For the Red Sox to keep up the home-run and RBI’s in the future. Betts needs to be locked up long-term.

He has proven he can play the outfield extremely well:

Playing through the Red Sox minor league system, Mookie Betts was a second baseman. With Dustin Pedroia establishing himself as a consistent, gold-glove winning second baseman, it seemed as though Betts would never win the job over Pedroia. Having Betts transform into an outfielder was definitely a risk, as players such as Hanley Ramirez have struggled making the infield to outfield transition. Betts has not had any problems with the outfield, as he won a gold glove in 2016 and continues to make tremendous plays as the everyday right fielder.

He wants to stay in Boston:

Mookie Betts wants to be a member of the Boston Red Sox for a long time in his professional career. There have been speculations that Betts explored the option of a long-term extension in the off-season. If the Red Sox wants Betts to be their everyday right fielder and Betts wants to be in Boston, shouldn’t both sides find a way to get the deal done?

It is very simple. Mookie Betts is a five-tool player who was the American League MVP runner-up in 2016 and is having a good start to his 2017 season. He wants to be here, so the Red Sox front office should work diligently to make sure they do not lose a talent like Betts to future free agency.


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