For Kings Fans, All Attention Turns To Phoenix In NBA Draft

Jonathan Isaac

Don Juan Moore-Getty Images

News broke yesterday when it was reported that the Boston Celtics and Philadelphia 76ers agreed to a deal in which the 1st overall pick in the draft was sent to Philly. In exchange, Boston receives the 3rd overall pick, and a future 1st rounder from either the Los Angeles Lakers or Sacramento Kings.

With the Sixers undoubtedly picking Markelle Fultz, this makes things much clearer for Sacramento. The Lakers are likely to pick Lonzo Ball at #2, as Josh Jackson struggled mightily during his second workout with the team. Boston traded down to the third pick so they can take Josh Jackson, anyways. With the first, second, and third picks looking very obvious, the only team left is Phoenix. And, rumor is, Phoenix could have possibly promised forward Jonathan Isaac their selection.

We don’t know if it’s true that the Suns promised Isaac their pick, but if it is, then Sacramento is left with their choice of point guard De’Aaron Fox and wing Jayson Tatum. All signs right now lead to the Kings taking Fox with their pick if he is available.

If Phoenix doesn’t plan to take Isaac at #4, which is very possible, then De’Aaron Fox is definitely in the conversation. The team may feel that Eric Bledsoe is not part of their future and that the time is now to draft his replacement. Most likely the only way the Suns take Fox is if they have a trade partner for Bledsoe. If this is the case, then Sacramento gets their choice of Jonathan Isaac or Jayson Tatum. This all depends on what style of play the front office decides is best for the team.

Phoenix could even select Jayson Tatum out of Duke. Tatum would provide even more scoring to a team that doesn’t need it. Phoenix’s problems are on the defensive side on the ball, so it doesn’t make much sense to draft another offensive player. But, he is definitely a possibility at #4, leaving the Kings with their point guard in De’Aaron Fox at #5.

Regardless of what the Suns decide to do, Sacramento is getting one of the best players in this year’s draft. Most fans are split on who to pick, in some wanting Fox, some wanting Tatum, and some wanting Isaac. June 22nd can’t come soon enough.


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