World Series Prediction In June

Astros Rockies

Scott Halleran- Getty Images North America

There are two teams dominating the MLB this year, making previous contenders (the Cubs and Indians in 2016) look silly. No, these are not “super teams” like the NBA controversy regarding the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors, however it’s easy to call it this early in the season who will be in contention to win the 2017 World Series.


Coming in from the National League side is the Colorado Rockies. Flaunting their 46-26 record, their season so far is beyond impressive. Led by stars Charlie Blackmon, DJ LeMahieu, and Nolan Arenado, they have obtained a batting average of .274 thus far, ranking them 4th in the league. Not just batting well, but putting on a show in the field as well, they’re only allowing 4.11 runs a game.

Their competition from the American League: The Houston Astros, who is the team to beat in the American League. This team has been on fire, and the stats prove it. With a record of 46-23, they’re number one in the entire league in batting percentage (.277), 2nd  in Home Runs (106), and 4th  for total runs (374). The Houston Astros need players Brian McCann, Carlos Correa, and Jose Altuve to continue lighting up these ballparks. With Dallas Keuchel being the backbone of this team, they are handing out losses to teams left and right.


If these two teams meet each other, it’ll be one of the best matchups in the history of MLB. Here’s why:

-Both teams do not have one power house pitcher. The highest paid pitcher from Colorado is Greg Holland at a six-million-dollar salary, and from Houston, they’re paying Dallas Keuchel slightly more than just nine-million dollars.

-The matchups are so distinct. Blackmon, LaMahieu, and Arenado against Reddick, Altuve, and Correa. Both teams have 3 clear team leaders in their lineups that they can always count on to help them rack up some runs.

-Neither team has ever won a single game in the World Series, both getting swept after making it to the final round of the playoffs. This really makes this year interesting as new teams are rising from the dust, giving the playoffs a new type of energy as there will be fans that have yet to have their teams on this type of hot streak.


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