3 Players Who Should Be High On Milwaukee Bucks’ Draft Board

Justin Jackson Milwaukee Bucks

Chuck Burton-Associated Press

In some drafts, it is no brainer what player the Bucks will pick, while in others, it is completely unclear. This year is one of those unclear years, and we will just have to wait until draft night. For now, this list highlights three names we could hear called at #17.
Terrance Ferguson

After being so highly sought out by colleges all around the country, Ferguson unexpectedly decided that he would play in the NBL rather than doing what most prospects do and go to college.

This move was highly criticized at first as the top prospect was getting little minutes and was having to face much older and experienced players. Ferguson instead used that his advantage and performed very well in his minutes played. Ferguson was able to do everything from defending pro level players to knocking down the three. With the possible departure of Tony Snell and Jason Terry, the team’s only reliable shooters, Ferguson would fit well with the Bucks.

Justin Jackson

A 3-and-D wing is arguably what the Bucks need the most this offseason, as there is a major possibility the Bucks could lose their most solid 3-and-D player in Tony Snell, alongside another one of the Bucks dependable shooters in Jason Terry. The Bucks should look no further than Chapel Hill’s very own Justin Jackson as a replacement. The 6’8 ACC player of the year can do a little bit of everything.

Jackson this season showcased he is much more than just a Small Forward, as he was hitting shots from about anywhere while locking down players that were a multitude of positions. Jackson’s height and length only support his case. Choosing Jackson with the #17 pick would be a safe bet, and a smart pick for the Bucks.

Harry Giles

In just a year, Giles went from an all-consensus number one overall pick, to an immense disappointment after being plagued with injuries his freshmen season.

Despite that, Giles declared for the draft and is still seen as a valued player to many teams. Most importantly though, the Milwaukee Bucks.

Giles’s game fits perfectly with the Bucks. Giles is not only athletic but can rebound, which is an aspect the Bucks have struggled with for the past few seasons. Choosing Giles is another one of those “high-risk, high-reward” situations, but still would be an excellent pickup for the team.


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