Caleb Swanigan: NBA Draft Profile 


Charlie Neibergall- AP Photo

Caleb Swanigan had a breakout year this season in college as he was one of the best players in the country. He was a big time scorer, for he was able to stretch the floor and dominate the boards.

He is an undersized big standing at 6’9. He isn’t going to be quick enough to guard most fours at the next level, but he will be able to play some Center at the next level though. In today’s game, most bigs won’t try to go with their back to their basket  so he should be fine. He may take some time to develop and adjust to the next level, but I think he can develop into a good backup big.

He is a very efficient scorer and a great rebounder. He shot 78% from the FT line which is very good for a physical big like him. He was also very efficient from the floor as he was 54% from 2 and a very impressive 44% from beyond the arc.

He is currently projected to go early in the second round, and I feel that is a great projection for him. He may be skilled enough to go higher than that, but his frame keeps him from being an elite prospect.

Swanigan will likely end up being a guy who spends some time in the D-League, but that isn’t a bad thing. He just needs to learn the adjustments needed at this level. He has the right tools to make an impact on a team, but he just needs to learn how to use his frame and his skills the best way possible.

Overall, Swanigan seems NBA ready as he made a big leap from his freshman and sophomore seasons. He made the right decision doing pro even if he isn’t selected in the first round. He will do his developing in the pros which is better for him as he already showed everything he can at the college level.


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