Justin Jackson: NBA Draft Profile


Ronald Martinez-Getty Images

Small Foward Justin Jackson declared for the 2017 NBA Draft after spending 3 years with North Carolina. He averaged 18.4 points, 4.7 rebounds and 2.8 assists in his final year in college.

Height: 6’8″

Weight: 209 lbs

Position: Small Forward

College: North Carolina

Strengths: Shooting, Playmaker, Versatility, Off-Ball Movement

Jackson has improved his shooting a ton over the years. Going from 30% from the 3-point line in his freshman year to 37% last season, he made major strides becoming a high-volume shooter. Now with more confidence, Jackson has become an efficient scorer, as he was a major factor in North Carolina’s championship run.

Jackson is a great playmaker always setting up opportunities for his teammates. Jackson is also a very crafty finisher around the paint.

Thanks to his 6’11” frame, Jackson is good on both ends of the court. On defense, he can guard multiple positions and can score in different ways on offense.

His off-ball movement is great, and he is great hitting jumpers while coming of screens. He also can knock down catch and shoot threes which makes him really hard to guard.

Weaknesses: Creating His Own Shot, Rebounding, Ability to Score in The Paint

Jackson isn’t good at creating his own shot. Sometimes he just dribbles too much and takes a bad shot. That is a huge weakness in his already stacked offensive game.

Rebounding is a problem too as Jackson averaged a measly 4.1 rebounds in the college career. For his height, it is disappointing and he needs to work on rebounding.

Jackson is not very good at scoring in the paint either. Sure, he is a good midrange shooter, but he can’t attack the rim. He needs to work on finishing through contact in order to be a better scorer.

NBA Player Comparison: Tayshaun Prince

Although you can compare Jackson to Matt Barnes, his true NBA comparison is Tayshaun Prince. Although Jackson is a better scorer and Prince was a better defender, both have many intangebles, have similar body types, and have very good Basketball IQ’s.

Where Will He Go: Chicago Bulls

For a team that finished 24th in three point FG percentage and rumors about Jimmy Butler leaving, Jackson would be the perfect fit at #16. Jackson would be the perfect guy to give spacing and shooting to Chicago that struggled at the 3-point line and likely fill the void of Butler if he leaves.



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