Terrance Ferguson: NBA Draft Profile

Terrance Ferguson NBA Draft Profile

Stacy Revere-Getty Images

After one year playing professionally in Australia, Terrance Ferguson has decided to declare for the NBA Draft. Ferguson originally committed to Arizona before deciding to play overseas. Ferguson is still expected to be a first-round pick, but his stock dropped because of his move overseas for one year. Ferguson has the potential to be a steal in this draft because of his raw athleticism and his sweet jumper, but might be a bust because of his limited ball-handling skills.


Ferguson is a very explosive player when he drives the lane. He has a very strong first step which allows him to get into the lane quickly when driving. Ferguson also has a very good stroke from behind the 3-point line.  Ferguson measures at 6’7″ which gives him great defensive potential. He’s very quick which allows him to stay in front of smaller guards on defense. Ferguson has very fast feet which helps him get the 50/50 balls.

Ferguson is very good at stepping into 3’s on the fast break. As mentioned before, Ferguson has fast feet which allows him to get shots up over defenders. He shot 38.7% from 3 in his one season in Australia.


Ferguson doesn’t necessarily have the strength to compete on defense against bigger forwards. Instead he needs to beat them with his quickness. When he faces bigger players he often gets overpowered when they drive the lane. Because of his lack of ball-handling skills he loses the ability to create space on offense. He has a tendency to become a very streaky shooter.

Many worry about how he only averaged 4.6 PPG and 1.2 RPG in Australia. This shouldn’t become a problem considering the fact he was playing against much more matured players in Australia. If he continues to be too streaky in the NBA, it could result in a lack of scoring for Ferguson.

Where he goes on Draft Night:

The earliest Ferguson will probably be picked is at No. 13 to the Nuggets. The Nuggets have been known to be scouting Ferguson while he was playing in Australia. The floor for where Ferguson will be picked is around No. 29 to the Spurs. The most realistic destination is probably No. 22 to the Nets or No. 25 to the Magic. Both those teams have two first round picks and can afford to take a risk on a player like Ferguson who has a ton of potential.


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