Zach Collins: NBA Draft Profile


Mark Humphrey-AP PHOTO

After forgoing three more years of college, C Zach Collins will enter the 2017 NBA Draft from Gonzaga becoming the first one-and-done player in Gonzaga history. He averaged 10 points per game and 5.9 rebounds in his freshman year.

Height: 7’0″

Weight: 230 lbs

Position: Center/Power Forward

College: Gonzaga

Strengths: Post Game, Rebounding, Athleticism, Shot Blocking, Efficiency

For a guy that’s not even 20 yet, Collins is very good at scoring in the post. With good hands and post moves, Collins us able to go up and easily score in the paint.

His efficiency is also a plus. His 67% FG percentage is a great sign, as he’s very effective in the pick and roll game. Collins has also shown his range, even going out to the 3-point line and shooting 48%.

Collins is super athletic as he uses his ability to attack the basket and finish under the rim. He is great in transition too, as he can run up and down the court to score easy baskets.

He is a really good rebounder, as he averaged 5.9 rebounds and a total rebounder percentage of 18% playing backup to Prezmek Karnowski. It was a factor for Gonzaga in their run to the National Championship, as he scored 14 points and 13 rebounds against South Carolina in the Final Four.

Averaging 1.7 blocks per game, Collins is a great shot blocker as he is able to use his size to contest shots in the paint.

Weaknesses: Post Defense, Discipline, Strength, Turnovers

Arguably Collins’ major weakness is post defense. Against more skillful and experienced big man, Collins usually gets exposed, falls for fakes, and jumps in the air where he usually commits fouls.

His discipline need improvement too as he averaged 2.7 fouls a game in just 17.3 minutes per game. In the NCAA Tournament, Collins was in foul trouble 4 times and got fouled out twice.

His strength is a problem too, as he’s undersized for a center only weighting 230 lbs. Bigger players can easily body him down low as he usually gets overpowered.

Collins also turns over the ball too much, as he plays reckless and is not good at decision making. 1.5 turnovers per game is too much for a guy playing limited minutes.

NBA Player Comparison: Kevin McHale

Now, I know comparing a 19-year-old to a Hall of Famer is laughable, but hear me out. Collins and McHale have a similar playstyle. They both have an arsenal of post moves and can easily finish at the rim. Yeah, I don’t think Collins will be better than McHale but the comparisons are uncanny.

Where Will He Go: Sacramento Kings

The Kings have a reputation of drafting a big man in the 1st round over the past few years, but I think Collins is needed. Collins would be great as a stretch four for the Kings need to space the floor. Sure Skal Labissiere has shown promise, but it’s not certain he will be great in the future. Zach Collins would be a solid pick for the Kings at #10.


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