Paul George To D.C. Doesn’t Make Sense

Kelly Oubre Jr. Paul George

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Paul George has reportedly informed the Indiana Pacers that no matter where they trade him to he’s probably going to wind up in a Los Angeles Lakers uniform in the 2018-19 season.

For the Washington Wizards, trading for Paul George doesn’t make much sense. First off, if they trade for Paul George, they would likely be losing great shooters in Otto Porter and Bojan Bogandanavic to free agency. Then they only have George on a one-year guaranteed lease. That’s still not enough to beat the Cleveland Cavaliers in a 7 game playoff series. Then once they lose in the playoffs to any team before the NBA Finals George will likely bolt for the Staples Center. If he bolts for L.A. the Wizards would only have Kelly Oubre Jr. as another other SF on the roster.

John Wall expressed his voice by stating he’s not going to re-sign unless he sees a clear direction in the team. So if he doesn’t see a clear winning direction Wall is gone. Now there is no John Wall, Paul George, and Otto Porter. The only stand-out player left is Bradley Beal. This would push Washington back into rebuilding mode. The Wizards would be sitting there with failed trades, an unhappy star PG in his prime, unhappy fans, and the only thing  to show for it is an injury prone max contact SG.

If Washington re-signs Otto Porter and gets a better bench without breaking the bank, they could eventually go after a guy like DeMarcus Cousins and have a pretty outrageous trio with Wall and Beal. Alongside them they would have a great shooter in Otto Porter and and do-it-all PF in Markieff Morris. This would be a great core for many years to come contending for championships.


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