Harry Giles: NBA Draft Profile

Harry Giles

Grant Halverson-Getty Images

The NBA Draft is only a few days away with a lot of speculation going around the entire league. Markelle Fultz is expected to go number one overall with Lonzo Ball, De’Aaron Fox, Josh Jackson, and Jayson Tatum projected to round out the top five picks. One interesting name that has not been talked about as much has been Duke forward/Center Harry Giles III. Giles has been an interesting case as he was once seen as a lottery pick, plummeted due to multiple knee surgeries, but now could be rising again as the draft rapidly approaches.

Giles’ biggest strength is his size. He is just under 6’11 in shoes, with a 7’3 wingspan, which is astonishing for any prospect entering the NBA. This leads to his strength in defensive play as his long, lengthy athletic frame allows for him to be tough to deal with in the paint. Another strength of Giles is his offensive game can be improved upon. He shot 61% at the rim during his tenure at Duke.

While Giles has noticeable strengths, he also has some significantly visible weaknesses as well. The biggest weakness that comes to mind when thinking about Harry Giles is his injury history. He has had three knee surgeries and could be at risk to re-injure the knee again. He lacks fundamental skills in the post and cannot space the floor. He also is a liability at the free throw line, only shooting 58.2% in college.

As far as where Giles ends up being picked in the 2017 NBA Draft, it remains a mystery, Some believe he could be one of the last lottery picks. Some also believe he could fall just outside of the lottery picks and end up being a middle first round pick. One team that could take Giles off of the board could be the Portland Trail Blazers at  #15.

Some mock drafts and analysts have him as a late first rounder. Others have even suggested that Giles could fall out of the first round.

Giles is an athletic forward/center with tremendous upside. He has his limitations, but proper coaching can help improve those very quickly. If Giles is around in the later part of the first round, one team should consider taking him and show why he could be the steal of the 2017 NBA Draft.


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